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REVIEW: Heroes Reborn 1×07 “June 13th – Part One”

Oh, dammit, Heroes Reborn! You could’ve had a solid, well-rounded episode here but you had to screw it up. “June 13th – Part One” was simple to follow and brought back some familiar concepts from Heroes, but it was ultimately hindered by stupid decisions from characters as well as cheap plot devices. Overall, I did enjoy it somewhat, but it could’ve been so much better. (spoilers ahead!)

As we saw at the end of the last episode, Noah and Hiro have traveled back in time to June 13th, the day of the Odessa incident, to find out exactly what happened and to hopefully stop the tragedy. At the same time, they have to avoid Past-Noah, who happens to be skulking around the area as well. As Hiro points out, they should avoid stepping on too many butterflies, meaning that they cannot alter the past too much.

In Odessa, we see the return of several familiar faces such as Angela Petrelli, Mohinder Suresh, and Molly Walker. Angela foresees what’s going to happen (all the way up to the end of the world) and tries to warn Mohinder and co., but he doesn’t believe her, and can you blame him? She was nothing but cold and calculating during the events of Heroes, so I don’t see why she’s so surprised that nobody will heed her warnings. Unfortunately, this turns out to be one of the few times when Angela should be trusted.

We learn that Erica Kravid, head of Renautas, has tasked her right-hand man Harris with blowing up the Evo convention in Odessa. The Harris clones, all armed with bomb vests, head for their positions to get ready for the explosion. However, Hiro shows up to stop them and to save the captured Mohinder. There’s a brief yet entertaining scene where Hiro somehow acquires a sword and fights off the clones. Before he can defeat all of them, he stops after realizing that he’d be stepping on too many butterflies and potentially altering the future by drastic proportions. Instead, he teleports away.

Here’s my whole issue with this: Hiro can teleport, stop time, and essentially do anything else he wants. Couldn’t he teleport the Harris clones away from the building? Or, if he was feeling super ambitious, teleport everyone away from the danger zone? That’s a problem I’ve always had with Heroes. Nobody knows how to use their powers to their full potential. It’s almost as frustrating as watching the Flash get his ass handed to him by a guy with a freeze ray when he can just use his super speed to kick the living crap out of him. Hiro can do virtually anything, except use common sense. I mean, the guy allowed himself to be sucked into a video game when he could’ve teleported away.

Since Hiro doesn’t stop Harris, the explosion at Odessa goes as planned. Later, in the hospital, Noah tries to find his daughter, who is supposedly dead despite her regeneration abilities. Noah actually DOES find her daughter, but we don’t get to see the notable Claire Bennet. All we see is the top of her hairline and the rest of her body covered under a medical blanket. This frustrated me to no end. The show keeps teasing Claire over and over, and this is the only glance we get of her? The top of her hair? And they still haven’t explained HOW she died. The doctor said it was cardiac arrest. Okay, but why did that kill her now when she was always immortal? Noah himself said that if there’s something lodged in the back of her head, then it will nullify her healing powers. And that’s it. No other mention is made. Noah just accepts it and moves on. You’d think he’d at least try to save her, wouldn’t he?

Anyway, here comes the big plot twist of the episode (and where things get slightly confusing). Claire died while giving birth to twins, and Erica supposedly wants to get her hands on these kids since they can save the world. This is why Noah wiped his own memory; he didn’t want Erica to pry into his mind to find out what he knew about his grandchildren. A little convoluted if you ask me, but at least we got an explanation!

Angela and Noah name the boy and girl Nathan and Melina. Right off the bat, we realize that Melina is the girl in the arctic who we’ve been following the past few weeks. Thank God they actually found a way to tie her into the main story! Up until now, she just seemed like a random side character who has the power to bring things to life.

As for Nathan, it’s actually good old Tommy! So I guess that cancels out the theory I had that Tommy was Hiro’s son, unless Hiro traveled through time or did some weird teleporting to bang Claire, but I’m not going to give myself a headache trying to figure out those logistics.

My final question is: when did Nathan change his name to Tommy? Did he have his memory wiped as well? Who is his father? Obviously, this relationship is important since he mentions his dad in the final moments of the episode. Have we met any other characters who could’ve knocked boots with Claire?

Like I said, the episode had potential to be great, especially since it focused on one time period and on one set group of characters instead of jumping all over the place. I just wish they gave the characters more common sense and that Heroes Reborn didn’t do a lame job of teasing Claire this entire time (or that they at least found a better way to explain her permanent death). I’m hoping my questions are answered by next week’s episode.

Final Grade: C +

+ The cliffhanger was very, very interesting, and it makes me incredibly anxious to find out what happens next week.

+ Hiro’s mini sword-fight was pretty cool.

+ I’m glad we finally found out why Noah had his memory wiped.

– Why couldn’t Hiro use his abilities in a more efficient manner?

– The time travel stuff is getting extremely confusing, especially now that we’re finding out about Claire’s kids.

– It was stupid how they teased the hell out of Claire the entire episode; it’s like “we know you couldn’t afford to bring Hayden Panettiere back, so why bother beating around the bush?”

Extra Thoughts:

– What the hell is happening with Tommy/Nathan?

Are you frustrated as I am about Claire Bennet’s mysterious absence? What do you think will happen after this episode’s brutal cliffhanger? Share your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter!

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