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REVIEW: The Walking Dead 6×03 “Thank You”

I’m not crying. I just have something in my eye. I swear these aren’t tears, dammit!

Okay, I’m not really crying. But I am pretty depressed after this latest episode of The Walking Dead. We saw the death of a MAJOR character, and a pretty bleak ending with another protagonist that makes us anxious to see what will happen next week. Despite the title of the episode being “Thank You”, I’m not in the mood to thank anybody for how I’m feeling right now.

Now, before I get into my reviews, I always let people know of spoilers. This time, it is absolutely crucial that you do not read my review unless you’ve seen the episode because there was a huge death I want to discuss more in-depth. Ready? Let’s go. (MAJOR spoilers ahead!)

This episode takes place at roughly the same time as last episode, except instead of watching Alexandria, we’re now following up with Rick’s group and their mission to lead the walkers away from town. We’ve got everyone split up into groups: Michonne and a bunch of no-names from Alexandria, Glenn and Nicholas, Rick by himself, and Daryl accompanied by Sasha and Abraham (Morgan is already back in Alexandria to stop the horn and to save the townspeople). It’s a bit all over the place regarding characters. I’m just thankful that we weren’t jumping between this setting and Alexandria. Kudos to The Walking Dead for doing something right and splitting the same timeline into two different episodes instead of having us jump back and forth.

The first thing that bothered me about this episode was what I like to call “karma kills”. Two episodes ago, we saw the Alexandrian named Carter get killed by a walker after having a major disagreement with Rick. In this episode, another person dares to challenge Rick, and guess what happens? He becomes more food for the walkers. It’s almost comical how the show keeps killing off anyone who dares to defy the Ricktatorship. Besides Carol and Morgan, I can’t think of anyone who has survived after having a fight with Rick. He’s got some great karma working in his favor.

Speaking of Rick, he ends up alone at one point and injures his hand pretty badly. Could this possibly be foreshadowing something? Obviously, he’s not going to die anytime soon, but I think that someone will have to give him a “hand” in the next couple of episodes. I guess I’m not too “handy” with the jokes, am I? Thank you, here all weekend.

Michonne’s group slowly gets killed off one-by-one, but of course they’re all nobodies whose names we barely know at this point. They could’ve given us a little more development with these characters before killing them off. I don’t care what happens to them. This is like in the first season of The Walking Dead where they killed off a bunch of people in the Atlanta group and I just shrugged about it. The show should’ve nixed Heath this episode. At least we’ve been getting development out of him. Maybe they’ll save his death for later on.

Now we get to the hard-hitter of “Thank You”. Glenn and Nicholas get surrounded by walkers. Before I go further, in regards to Nicholas, I just want to say “I TOLD YOU SO”. I KNEW that Glenn should’ve killed Nicholas when he had the chance last season. This is yet another reason why I get frustrated with this show. Characters make stupid decisions. This is what happens when you show mercy to someone who absolutely does not deserve it.

Let me elaborate: Nicholas goes into a bit of a psychotic breakdown while he and Glenn are stranded on top of a dumpster surrounded by walkers. With the last words of “thank you”, Nicholas shoots himself in the head and falls off the dumpster, pinning Glenn beneath him. The last shot is Glenn screaming in agony as the walkers eat him alive.

Or do they?

Right after the episode aired, while everyone was busy wiping their tears away, theories popped up online that Glenn wasn’t actually dead. There are tons of clues to support this: Steven Yeun wasn’t on Talking Dead, there was no memoriam for Glenn after the show, the death of the character was vastly different than in the comics, there were set photos of Glenn interacting with a new character, etc. People assume that the walkers merely ate Nicholas, and that Glenn got away by sneaking under the dumpster.

Here’s why I think Glenn might actually be dead. He was screaming in agony as the walkers seemed to be tearing into him. Also, just because his character in the comics died in a very specific manner, doesn’t mean that the show will follow it to a T. I can list numerous instances where the show deviated from its comic book counterpart, but I only have so many words I can put in my review. I just think that we shouldn’t rule out Glenn’s death completely.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.38.31 PM

Finally, we catch up with Rick, who has found an RV and plans to drive it back to the group. He (unsuccessfully) attempts to contact Glenn on the walkie-talkie when he’s attacked by the Wolves. Coincidentally, they’re the same Wolves that Morgan let go last week. One of them even has a gun, and he nearly kills Rick! See! That’s why I knew it was bullshit when Morgan let them go. Not only did the Wolves get their hands on a gun, but they almost used it to take out Rick.

Rick gets out safely after murdering the shit out of the Wolves trying to assault him, but he’s stuck in the RV as it’s being surrounded by walkers. I think it’s neat how this almost reflects the first season of the show where Rick was stuck in the tank and Glenn had to walkie him for help. Maybe the next episode will have a repeat of that same situation, and that’s how we’ll discover that Glenn is still alive?

Final Grade: B +

+ Glenn’s “death” was tragic, but well-done.

+ I’m glad that at least Rick has enough brains to kill evil people instead of showing them mercy.

+ The entire episode kept me on the edge of my seat.

– Disagree with Rick and you’ll just happen to be killed off almost right away.

– Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha really had nothing to do this episode.

– Stupid decisions cost lives.

Extra Thoughts:

– Is Glenn really dead?

How depressing was this episode of The Walking Dead? Do you believe that Glenn is still alive? Tell us what you think in the comments or on Twitter!

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