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REVIEW: The Flash 2×02 “Flash of Two Worlds”

Oh, I remember why I love The Flash. No matter the week, no matter the situation, it finds a way to make sure you are smiling from end to end. “Flash Of Two Worlds” already had the bar set incredibly high due to its title and the fact that Jay Garrick was going to be making his first full debut. However, the fact that it managed to capitalize on everything else besides the main plot helped to elevate this episode into something I really need to watch over and over. Patty’s energy, the controversy of Cisco keeping a secret, the idea of Zoom as a villain, each of these elements helps to really add up into a fantastic episode. Once again The Flash manages to succeed where it should have failed since the episode is so incredibly overstuffed with content and stories that will be developed over the course of the season.

So, let’s start with the big debut of Teddy Sears as Jay Garrick, we learn some relatively interesting information from Jay as he has his classic “hard water” origin, has been a speedster for about two years, and has lost his speed seemingly due to Zoom syphoning his powers to become faster. As for Jay as a person Sears’ manages to hit all of the appropriate notes in is portrayal as a stern yet trustable elder speedster. Jay knows the dangers of being a hero even though he has only had his powers slightly longer than Barry, he understands that Barry was given a raw deal with Eobard, but more than anything he knows that Zoom is a threat to everyone and everything in a way the Reverse Flash could never be. That makes Jay a super powerful and interesting ally and strong counterpart to Barry. He seems to lack Barry’s sense of optimism and has apparently hardened to the idea of the idea of being the hero which should lead to some interesting conflict as we move forward with the season.

Speaking of debuts, let’s talk about Patty Spivot, who in the span of one episode is already a very compelling heroine and strong ally for Barry to play off of. Shantel VanSanten manages to create a strong mix of nerdish charm, appealing fangirl-ism, and being a strong independent woman. She is already more likable than many of the females who occupy the Arrowverse as she is not afraid to combat Sand Demon even though she knows herself to be supremely out matched. However my favorite moment came when Patty was finally forced to tell Joe exactly why she wants to be a member of his task force. Sure it is surprisingly convenient that she has a vendetta against a Mardon brother, but it manages to work because VanSanten wants you to believe she has a reason to fight for. Coupling that with her basically reciting word for word what Barry said to Girder last season and you have me excited to see how she develops and plays with the rest of the cast.

Then we have the matter of Cisco who is apparently taking the first steps towards being able to control and understand his new abilities. While I am not psyched that he is hiding all of this information from the team it does slightly make sense to the overall narrative. Despite it being Cisco, Barry’s team has not had the biggest success rate of befriending metas’ and we don’t quite know the full scope of Cisco’s abilities. All we know is that Cisco is somehow able to see the past and if he is able to hone that ability and actually use it to be able to help the team than he should be treated as the ally he truly is.

As for Sand Demon, I was both excited by his abilities and sad to see him be Zues’d to all hell by Barry. Despite not truly having a ton of characterization the display of his sand based powers made him a worthy enough foe that Barry was forced to up his game. However, we were once again left with a corpse rather than a meta in a cell which raises the question just how much are we going to see the pipeline this season, as well as if Barry’s team is also committing murder what separates them from the bad guys. The use of the pipeline last season at least gave the illusion that the team was attempting to reform the metas they had captured, but now all of a sudden all of Barry’s opponents are to dangerous for them to even attempt to A. reform and B. try to find a way to return them to Earth 2. It just really doesn’t make sense in the scope of the show.

Overall I felt the episode capitalized on the promises of last week and managed to build even more set up for the season.

Final Grade A-

+Jay Garrick being awesome

+Patty Spivot being a competent female

+Cool new power

+Cisco learning to control his power…

-Yet he is hiding it from the team

-Another dead meta

Extra Thoughts

-Joe’s ex-wife is back, hopefully we will learn to care about her

-Cisco has evolved enough as a character to let other people name the metas, character progression everyone.

-Speaking of great moments, when Jay put on the helmet I may have squeed a little.

-So Earth 2 is apparently stuck in 1940’s fashion, wicked.

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