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Top 6 Daniel Craig James Bond Moments

3. Revenge is Best Served Cold


You’d think this would be his number one priority after Casino Royale, but I guess the plot of the movie had to come first. Nevertheless, after dealing with Quantum he finally tracks down the man ultimately responsible for Vesper’s death, an agent of Quantum who seduces female intelligence officers and pretends to be kidnapped so that Quantum can blackmail them.

After he finds the bastard doing the same thing to Stana Katic, it looks like he’s going to kill him. But instead he spares his life and has him arrested. After the confrontation, he drops Vespers necklace in the snow, finally moving on from his quest to avenge the woman he loved.

2. Cirque du Solace


Yep, there’s two chase scenes in this list. But this one’s a bit different. Whilst the chase in Casino Royale was a marathon over a long distance, this is more like… a Smash Bros. fight. I’m serious! That’s what it feels like. After double agent Mitchell attacks M, allowing Quantum operative Mr White to escape, Bond chases him into a building with some convenient construction taking place.

What follows is Bond and Mitchell duelling via scaffolding and ropes and pulleys, as they each try to get the upper hand. Falling and swinging around, it’d be funny if one slip up meant Bond’s death. See, in a fair fight, Bond has very few equals. But when the very environment is working against you?

1. End of an Era


At the place where Bond’s story began, M’s ended. Raoul Silva chases them both to Bond’s childhood home of Skyfall, in Scotland. Yeah, you didn’t know that, did you? James Bond isn’t actually English. In fact he’s half Scottish, half Swiss. Mind equals blown, right?

Anyhoo, after dispatching Silva’s men, Silva manages to get to M before Bond takes care of him. Sadly though, M is mortally wounded and dies in Bond’s arms, leaving Bond visibly distraught. This marked the end of Judy Dench‘s tenure as M. She played the role for seventeen years over seven films. And while Ralph Fiennes is a more than suitable replacement, the James Bond films will have something missing from them from now on.

But what do YOU think of this list. Is it a super squadron of secret agent secrets? Or a boring bin bag of Bond bits? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter! Meanwhile, I’m going to be waiting for Spectre and wondering why Christoph Waltz keeps getting cast as a villain. Seriously, we know he can play other roles! Branch out, man.

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