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Top 6 James Bond Cars

James Bond wouldn’t be James Bond if it weren’t for his cars, they’re all as sleek and stylish as his suits and have been made famous for having more gadgets than a swiss army knife. Here I countdown the most famous, the most deadly and the most over the top cars James Bond has driven in.

6. Bajaj RE


Usually known as a Tuk-Tuk Taxi this small, three wheeled vehicle showed up in Octopussy (1983). After winning a game of backgammon against Kamal Khan, Bond quickly leaves in a Tuk-Tuk with fellow agent Vijay. But after seeing one of Khan’s henchmen following with a Shotgun Vijay reassures Bond that the Tuk-Tuk is “a company car”. Accelerating at a speed unknown to a vehicle of that size we find out that it’s been fitted with engines courtesy of Q, the small vehicle is made even more ridiculous by performing a wheelie and causing one of the more fun chases of the Bond films.

5. BMW 750il


One of my personal favourite the BMW 750iL from Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) features some of the most impressive gadgets in a bond car. It features bulletproof windows, a body that can withstand a sledgehammer, electrified door handles and most importantly, can be controlled via a remote control. Bond utilises the remote control by driving in the comfort of the back seat during a classic car chase, he utilises the BMW’s various gadgets such as roof mounted missiles, reinflating tires and a tire spike dispenser all from the touchscreen of his phone. This one sticks in my mind more than others due to the remote control, imagine driving your car through your phone? Of course it’s more closer to being reality than it was back then but my young mind couldn’t cope with the idea when I first saw it.

4. Aston Martin V12 Vanquish


Of course I had to include the Vanquish, or as Q calls it, “the vanish”. Shown in Pierce Brosnan‘s last Bond film Die Another Day (2002) it features what is one of the most ridiculous gadgets any car has ever had. It comes with the standard ejector seat, torpedoes and shotguns but it’s the fact this one can turn invisible that earns it a place on this list. It’s a gadget that’s amazing but downright ridiculous it caused the gadgets of Bond to all but disappear from the Daniel Craig installments. Bond uses the invisibility to somehow sneak the car across a snow ridden compound and then immediately blows his cover when he gets out to investigate. It’s the shortest use of one of the biggest gadgets in the films.

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