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REVIEW: Heroes Reborn 1×08 “June 13th – Part Two”

Ugh, I knew this was going to happen. I knew things would get a little complicated thanks to the time travel concept. But you know what? Heroes Reborn kinda made it work. At first, I was a bit lost trying to piece together what was going on, but as the episode progressed, it all started to fall in line. There were still some moments where I had to pause and go back, but overall, I think this episode was pretty decent and did a fair job of progressing the story without convoluting the time travel aspect. (spoilers ahead!)

When we last left Heroes Reborn, Noah Bennet was throwing caution to the winds and stepping on as many butterflies as possible. He was about to assassinate Erica Kravid in order to stop the Odessa incident, but his past self stops him just in time. Erica survives with just a gunshot to the leg, and is saved by Quentin, who interrogates her about where his sister is being kept.

Now that Noah is in the past and that he’s interacted with his past self, things get a bit confusing. I wasn’t entirely sure which Noah is the “current” Noah, even if they were wearing two different colored suits. I think this could’ve been handled better to avoid the confusion. They could’ve tried to phase out one of the Noahs, or even take the glasses away from one of them. It was a little difficult at times to distinguish which one was which. We needed more defining characteristics.

On the bright side, Noah (both of them) FINALLY got some closure as to why Claire died. In short – it was her kid. Remember last week when we discovered that she died in childbirth? Apparently, her son had inherited the same powers as her uncle Peter Petrelli – the ability to absorb others’ powers. Young Nathan had stolen Claire’s healing powers during his birth, which means that he was now immortal, but that his mother was vulnerable. Finally, we got some answers! Unfortunately, I guess this means we won’t get to see Claire again anytime soon (unless Heroes Reborn decides to give her a Force Ghost).

Hiro and Angela Petrelli travel to the 90s to protect the children. After they arrive, Hiro discovers that baby Nathan has taken his powers, which means they’re stuck in the past. Hiro decides to take the long way home and raise Nathan as his own son until it was time for him to save the world. I just want to clarify that this half-proves my earlier theory about Hiro being Nathan/Tommy’s father.

There was one issue I had with all this, but it all made sense after a few minutes: how could Hiro have been in the past, raising Nathan/Tommy, when he was off saving the world during the events of Heroes? Answer: there were two Hiros. One was raising Nathan/Tommy, the other was hanging with Ando and trying to save the world. Make sense? Don’t worry, it took me a while to get it too.


Let’s bounce back to what’s going on with Noah. We got to see another cameo by a Heroes alumni: Matt Parkman! I was wondering when the hell we’d see him again. Unfortunately, he’s a bad guy now, having sold his services to Erica and Renautas. He’s brought in to read Noah’s mind and find out what happened with the children, but Casper (the penny guy) wipes his memory before it’s too late. Parkman lets the duo escape, showing that he is not completely evil, though I’m unhappy that he actually turned to the dark side and joined Erica’s coalition. You’re better than that, Matt.

Another question posed by this episode: was it actually Casper who wiped Noah’s mind, or the Haitian? Back in the season premiere, the Haitian was the one who was implied to have erased Noah’s memory. Was that just a red herring?

The more you think about it, the more you realize the Haitian and Casper essentially have the same powers. Maybe they’re one in the same? Whoa – what if it’s actually Sylar in disguise?! He had the shapeshifting ability, didn’t he? Mind. Blown.

So Noah arrives back in his own time period to find that Quentin is still alive. All is happy in the world; except for the fact that Quentin is now working with Erica (we don’t know the exact details, but it’s heavily implied that he’s working with her in order to rescue his sister). I’m glad we got Quentin back since I thought he was a pretty decent character. It sucks that he’s now working with the enemy, but I’m sure there’s a noble cause behind it.

The ending of the episode finally brought everything together and caught us up on what happened with Nathan/Tommy. Nathan and his mother are teleported away to keep them safe, and Casper modifies Nathan’s memory so that he doesn’t remember anything about his past except for his mother. So that explains a lot. I’ve been wondering how they planned to come full circle with Nathan/Tommy’s identity. It’s a shame, though, since Nathan had a much more bearable personality than Tommy. Nathan was pretty chill while Tommy is just an angsty brat.

With Nathan/Tommy’s background being explained, I’m hoping that we get some type of cameo from one (or both) of the Petrelli brothers, even if just a dream sequence or flashback.

Also, I didn’t care much for the subplots that were scattered throughout the episode. I could care less about Katana Girl’s origin, and while I liked learning more about Joanne and Luke, their scenes were fairly weak. Once again, it felt like Heroes Reborn was simply shoe-horning stuff in at the last minute just for the sake of timing.

Overall, the episode was much better than its predecessor. It was neat seeing everything finally come together, though there are still some questions left unanswered.

Final Grade: B

+ We finally found out how Claire died!

+ Great acting all around.

+ Nice little cameo by Matt Parkman.

– It was a bit confusing trying to piece everything together regarding the time travel.

– I didn’t care much for the Luke/Joanne or the Katana Girl sub-plots.

– I’m disappointed that Parkman turned to the dark side.

Extra Thoughts:

– Is this the last we’ll see of Matt Parkman?

Are you frustrated as I am about Claire Bennet’s mysterious absence? What do you think will happen after this episode’s cliffhanger? Share your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter!

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