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REVIEW: The Flash 2×05 “The Darkness and The Light”

Man, Earth-2 Harrison Wells is a major dick. I mean I thought Eobard was a self absorbed narcissist, but wow this dude just elevates everything to an entirely new level of douchebagdom. That is really the through line of this week’s The Flash as Barry and the rest of the team are forced to confront a man who looks exactly like the one who betrayed all of their trust. It is also about the team finding a way to trust each other as they know what great friends they are, but not if they can trust who is giving them information. We see this both with Jay and Cisco as they are finally forced to confront the truths about who they truly are and what that means to their team. As they say, trust is hard to build, but even easier to break and that makes the game the team is playing all the more dangerous.

Alright, we finally met Earth-2 Well’s or as Cisco affectionately calls him “Harry” and despite our Wells’ being a specific kind of monster Harry is in some ways even worse. I love that Tom Cavanagh is able to clearly distinguish the differences between our Wells’ and Harry as despite being a horrible killer Wells’ still had some sense of honor and emotion. Harry is on the other hand a seemingly an amoral sociopath who doesn’t give two rats asses about the team or if anyone even likes him. It was really fun seeing him interact with the team and everyone one hating on Harry for entirely different reasons. It was fascinating to see how he reacted to everyone hating him and the fact that they all had great reasons to not trust him. It was also great to see him stand up and confront those expectations. He knows Jay was constantly running away from Zoom, he knows that everyone on Earth-1 hates him because he killed a lot of people, but mostly he doesn’t care because the end goal is to beat Zoom and the team can’t do that if they don’t take full advantage of their resources.

Similarly we have Cisco finally revealing to the team that he is a metahuman and dealing with the ramifications of this revelation. I found it somewhat amusing that the team was surprised Cisco did not tell them especially considering all of the facts. Every metahuman the team has come across is either dead or imprisoned, so it’s not exactly great odds in terms of Cisco being openly accepted. It was odd that Cisco brought up neither of these points and squarely focused on the idea that Wells gave him these powers and since the team in general does not trust anything relating to Wells they would have little reason to trust him. Of course the team is all a great group of friends so obviously they were going to accept him in the end, but it would have been great for there to be a little bit more tension between them.

Of course the biggest reveal of the episode was that Earth-2 Dr. Light happened to be Linda Park’s doppelgänger and despite it being a fun plot device it seemingly is going nowhere. All she wanted to do was get away from Zoom and Barry could have easily reasoned with her if he tried again. Instead they went the route of imprisoning her in the pipeline which seems like a waste of an interesting character. Even more frustrating was the fact that there is seemingly no fallout for Light revealing herself as Linda is not even given a proper chance to confront Light and find out why she is so afraid of Zoom. I mean every other Earth-2 meta just wanted to get back home but Light seemingly wants nothing to do with Earth-2 anymore. Does that mean that is to far gone to be saved, or has something even worse happened? Luckily this is all being billed as a two parter so hopefully these questions will be answered next week.

The last element that I wanted to talk about were the multiple budding relationships as Barry and Patty finally went on a date, while Cisco managed to get Kendra Saunders digits. The Patty and Barry date was cute in itself and I like that Patty was not stupid and realized that Barry had done something to effect his sight. I also enjoyed the fact that Cisco was being a good wingman and making sure Barry didn’t completely screw stuff up. On a similar note Cisco asking out Kendra was a solid move as it manages to bring her into the plot and allows her to interact with certain members of the team prior to Legends of Tomorrow. Sure this might not work out as we really didn’t get to see much of her, but what we saw managed to work just enough. Also Cisco is gaining game, I approve.

Overall a really enjoyable episode.

Final Grade B

+Earth-2 Wells being a distinct character

+Cisco revealing himself to the team

+Solid relationship stuff

-Light kind of underwhelming

-Jay bailing on the team

Extra Thoughts

-My favorite line reading ever now belongs to Carlos Valdes with, “our Wells may have been evil, but your just a dick.” The way his voice trails off is perfect.

-Where the hell are they hiding King Shark?

-Jay has friends in Atlantis. Possibly Earth-2 Aquaman, I am excited.

-Jesse Quick is Harry’s daughter, lets see how this plays out.

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