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REVIEW: The Flash 2×06 “Enter Zoom”

The producers have described Zoom this season as being some sort of horror villain, an unstoppable beast who strikes fear into everyone and everything he comes across, and you know what they kind of undersold him. “Enter Zoom” despite all of the build up finally showed us just how terrifying a villain we are dealing with. If Damien Darhk is a charismatic master planner, Zoom is an egomaniacal force of nature who at this point truly seems unstoppable. I mean damn, he did all of that to Barry and didn’t even break a sweat, that is terrifying in itself. Of course this episode wasn’t entirely about Zoom but rather how far Barry is willing to push himself in order to feel like he has accomplished anything as The Flash. Linda, Joe, Cisco, everyone saw that Barry was pushing the issue way to hard and in the end that was just another domino to Zoom’s game.

So, yeah Zoom is an absolutely terrifying monster and it now makes sense why everyone is so afraid of him/it. Not only did he manage to take down Barry it an astounding fashion, but he made damn sure no one would forget just how powerless he was before Zoom’s power. A good villain makes you afraid, a great one however makes sure everyone else is afraid of them as well. Barry now knows that everything he has been able to do means jack shit in the face of Zoom and so does the entire city as well. Zoom managed to empower every criminal in the city while at the same time completely frightening them into submission and now Barry has to find some way to make the villains be afraid of him once again. It’s a beautiful thing where Barry will have to rebound from being a broken symbol of hope and make the city trust him again. I love the idea of this arc as it can truly go in so many different possibilities.

Add on the fact that Zoom’s actual display of power was completely amazing and showed us so much more about him than we ever saw with the Reverse Flash. From catching lightning, to being able to over power Barry at terminal velocity, to just being plain brutal in how he fought. Where Reverse Flash simply wanted Barry dead, Zoom wants Barry to be embarrassed to the point where death is a release. The visuals of Zoom make him all the more terrifying of a villain and it seems like he will be all the more motivated to take Barry down if and when he decides to resurface for a fight. Major props to Tony Todd for bringing the terror of Zoom to life for all of us to see this week.

Speaking of Barry, man was Grant Gustin good tonight as he finally tackled the meaning behind Wells’ last message. Barry really doesn’t know if he will ever be able to be happy, always running after bad guy, being hunted by meta humans. Despite the overwhelming joy of having powers there are indeed major downsides to being a hero. One being what is going to push Barry forward now that he has beaten Reverse Flash. Is he simply chasing after the next rush in the form of Zoom or will he actually be able to rise above the rush and become something more than the symbol he is now? Barry needs to define himself as a hero and what drives him day in and day out as the speed is no longer an adequate answer, he needs to be the hero people believe him to be. This was clearly evident when Barry revealed himself to Linda in order to motivate her to be pawn, he knows how strong and capable she is and yet he is lacking some of that which is overall important in being a hero.

As for Linda she was a mixed enjoyable bag this week as we got to see her pretend fight with Barry as well as her “training montage”. I will admit, despite how cringeworthy the fake fight was I really enjoyed watching Linda train to use her fake powers. Watching Barry play the mentor is something we really haven’t seen and will probably give us the briefest of glimpses into how Barry and Wally may interact if he ever decides to show up. I also loved the reveal that Cisco was able to create a composite of Doctor Light’s powers as it manages to open up an entirely new door into what is possible. Cisco had plenty of time to study the metas’ of season one, so was he able to replicate any of their abilities. I am really excited to see how this all play out.

Overall it was an excellent episode and easily one of the best of the series.

Final Grade A-

+Zoom is absolutely terrifying

+Linda’s training

+Barry trying to find purpose

-The fake fight was pretty bad

-Patty plot was kind of boring

Extra Thoughts

-I really love the effects of when Zoom was running especially when his skeletal structure showed through his suit.

-Barry’s awkward high five with Linda was great. Shooting off the light beams at the team, not so much.

-So, Doctor Light is just out there naked hiding from Zoom, smart money she will be back.

-Grodd is back next week, time to see how much budget was left over from King Shark.

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