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REVIEW: The Walking Dead 6×05 “Now”

While this week’s episode of The Walking Dead was nowhere near as slow or boring as last week, it was still pretty disappointing. Aside from the obvious fact that we have to wait ANOTHER week to learn about Glenn’s fate, we’re now left wondering how the hell Rick got out of that damn RV. No, those two questions aren’t what made me hate the episode. In fact, I didn’t exactly “hate” it; I just thought it could’ve been better handled (as per usual when it comes to The Walking Dead). I’ll just write this one off as another filler episode that was made simply to pad the season. (spoilers ahead!)

This week’s installment, entitled “Now”, picks up right after where last week’s episode left off, with Rick screaming for Alexandria to open the gates. Behind him, we see an entire horde of walkers approaching. Rick manages to get inside at the last minute, and the city goes on full lockdown as the walkers begin pressing on the walls. Seriously, how did Rick escape his predicament from two episodes ago? Last we saw, he was trapped in an RV. No explanation, no flashbacks, no anything. Does The Walking Dead need to keep throwing this suspense at us? We’re already too busy worrying about Glenn; don’t make us wait for an explanation for Rick’s escape. Watch them not even explain it. They’ll just leave it up to our imagination. It’s just like what happened with Carol two or three seasons ago in the prison. We thought she was dead but POOF, she magically appears out of nowhere with no explanation. Listen, I’m all for ambiguity and open-endedness, but not for this kind of stuff. You don’t end an episode on such a bleak, pessimistic note and then just gloss over it two weeks later. We need SOMETHING.

Anyway, Rick is back in Alexandria, and it’s obvious that he’s been briefed about what happened with the Wolves’ assault. Do we see Carol at all during this episode? Not once. The person who almost singlehandedly saved the town is nowhere to be found. Neither is Michonne. Oh, but we do get a glimpse of Morgan at one point, because he was such a big damn help. I hope that Rick finds out about Morgan letting those Wolves go. I really do. I want him to find out so that he could beat the shit out of Morgan and kick him out of the community. I’ve already expressed how much I hate him this season, so it’s about time he gets what’s coming. I would actually be fine with them not explaining Glenn or the RV for the entire rest of the season if we could just have Rick exile Morgan, or if we could watch a Wolf kill Morgan to teach him a lesson. Do you think that’s a little harsh?

Rick’s got a lot on his plate with Alexandria. Almost everyone in that town is a coward, a horde of zombies is knocking on the gates, and people are this close to losing their shit. Meanwhile, you have Carl who’s 14 years old and has seen some of the darkest shit on the planet, and he’s completely calm. How did the Alexandrians survive this long when they begin to panic at the first signs of trouble? I can understand if it was just a handful of them, but they have an entire town. Rick’s tiny group has survived in the wild for months without any sort of safe haven. Meanwhile, we have Alexandrians killing themselves because they’re afraid to stand up against the odds. It’s almost pathetic. I blame Deanna for babying all of them.

Speaking of Deanna, it seems like she’s an inch away from going psycho after the Wolves’ raid on the town. She spends the entire time moping around in a near-catatonic state. I was half-expecting her to just commit suicide by the end of the episode. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to see her Hulk out and go ape-shit on a zombified Wolf that comes out of nowhere. I’m hoping she continues to be this bad-ass in the future episodes.

The closest we get to closure on Glenn’s fate this episode is with Maggie. She plans to go out beyond the walls to look for him because she believes he’s still alive. Aaron (remember him? He kinda disappeared for a while) tries to help her by leading her through a secret passage underneath the walls. I gotta hand it to Ross Marquand for giving a decent performance this episode. It’s not easy being Aaron. Rick’s group was distrustful of him from the beginning, and even I hated him in his first appearances, but he became a better character in this episode. He admits to the Alexandrians that it was partially his fault that the Wolves found them, and he takes full responsibility for his actions. Even though I want to hate him for making such an amateur mistake that cost the lives of half the townsfolk, I have to respect him for having the guts to admit his error, especially in front of Rick. I’d be terrified to admit to any wrongdoing in the Ricktatorship. I’m actually a little worried that we’ll find Aaron’s corpse stuffed in a basement in a future episode. Who knows what Rick will do to him to make him pay for his mistake?

Maggie eventually tells Aaron how she is pregnant, which is one of the reasons she’s so determined to find Glenn. Was anybody else surprised by this pregnancy reveal? I don’t think I was as shocked as I should’ve been. It was a bit obvious a few episodes ago…

Now, you may be thinking that Glenn CAN’T be dead because he can’t leave the baby behind. But does The Walking Dead really care about that? If anything, I’m more worried about Maggie and whether she’ll survive the birthing process. We all saw what happened the last time someone gave birth on this show.

So as I said, this episode just felt like filler. It was a step up from last week’s installment, but I was still pretty bored. Only three episodes left until the mid-season break, and they better explain what happened to Glenn and how Rick got out of the RV, or at least have Rick kick Morgan out of the community after finding out about him granting mercy to the Wolves. Give us what we want!

Final Grade: C +

+ Decent acting all around, especially from Ross Marquand.

+ The show didn’t feel as dragged out as last week’s episode.

+ Deanna’s psycho moment was bad-ass.

– Still no news of Glenn.

– The citizens of Alexandria are a bunch of pansies who give up at the first sign of trouble.

– Deanna may have gone bad-ass for a brief moment, but for the love of God, STAB THE WALKERS IN THE HEAD, NOT THE CHEST!

Extra Thoughts:

– How the hell did Rick escape the RV?

Are you getting tired waiting for Glenn’s fate to be revealed? Did this episode just frustrate you or did you enjoy it? Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter!

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