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REVIEW: The Walking Dead 6×07 “Heads Up”

Wooooo! We finally got our answer regarding Glenn’s fate! Needless to say, this will be a somewhat spoiler-y review, so if you haven’t watched the episode yet, stop reading.


One more chance. Stop reading if you don’t want to know what happened to Glenn.

Okay. Let’s get to it.

As people theorized, Glenn survived by crawling under the dumpster while the walkers feasted on Nicholas. Then, for some reason, the walkers all decided to shamble away after a couple of hours. Glenn emerges from his hiding place and encounters Enid. Of all people, Enid? I knew she had run away from Alexandria a couple episodes ago, but what are the odds that she would run into Glenn?

I’m happy Glenn is alive. I gotta give credit to The Walking Dead for doing such a good job of keeping his fate covered up for so long. Usually, this stuff is spoiled right away, and although many comic-readers knew that Glenn was still alive, it’s still impressive that the show kept us wondering for these past few weeks. They went so far as to even cut Steve Yeun‘s name out of the credits. They really went above and beyond!

Back in Alexandria, people are continuing being idiots. How the hell did they survive this long before Rick’s crew arrived? In this episode alone, we spotted just two incidents of people screwing up and nearly getting themselves killed (two-and-a-half if you include Morgan’s shenanigans).

First, Spencer tries to sneak over the walls to get a car so that he can drive the walkers away from the town. The rope he’s using breaks and he nearly falls into a pit of walkers until Rick and Tara save him. What a moron. This is the same guy who almost let the truck barrel into Alexandria because he was on watchtower duty and didn’t know how to shoot a gun. He’s useless. Rick mentions to Deanna how he could’ve let him fall to his death but he decided to save him at the last minute. Bad move, Rick. You should’ve just let him die. Guarantee this will come back and bite them in the ass, just like Glenn saving Nicholas.

Second instance of Alexandrians being idiots. Rick and Carl teach Ron how to shoot a gun while Rosita teaches the other Alexandrians (and Eugene) how to properly execute walkers. There’s something off about Ron. We know that he’s not a huge fan of Carl because he thinks he was trying to make a move on his “girlfriend” Enid. Now, the kid has access to a gun and knows how to shoot. Rick has SOME common sense not to let him have bullets yet, but that’s not enough. Ron sneaks into the armory after distracting Denise (you’d think they would put better security on the weapons stash), and takes a handful of bullets. The last time we see him, he’s walking toward Carl, most likely getting ready to execute him. I’m guessing he’ll shoot Carl right before the mid-season finale, but it won’t kill him. Maybe just incapacitate him temporarily. The second half of the season could revolve around Rick coping with the near-loss of his son and going all berserk (again). Another telephone episode?

Lastly, we have Morgan. We all know that Morgan is harboring a lone Wolf somewhere in Alexandria and that he left a bunch of Wolves survive so that they could run away. Rick confronts him about the incident where the Wolves nearly ambushed him in the RV, and he puts two and two together to deduce that it had something to do with Morgan. I’m happy that Rick and Carol are finally wise to his game – now we just need them to act. And you know what – Carol might be the one to do it.


Morgan recruits Denise to administer first aid to the Wolf, but they’re unaware of Carol following them to the hiding spot. Here is what might go down: Carol finds the Wolf and executes him, causing Morgan to go into a fit of rage and possibly attack her. Or the Wolf escapes and kills someone, forcing Rick to beat the shit out of Morgan and/or exile him. There are a million possibilities at this point, but either way, I hope it ends with Morgan learning his lesson and discovering that this world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s kill or be killed.

The last shot of the episode was super intense. The watchtower right outside of Alexandria comes down, taking out a big chunk of the wall. And there goes the town’s defenses! The Alexandrians are nowhere near prepared enough to take on the horde of walkers. I’m curious about how they’ll survive. Will Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha come back to save the day? Will an army of new survivors show up? Is everyone screwed? It looks like we’re gonna get a hell of a mid-season finale next week!

Final Grade: B +

+ We finally got to see what happened to Glenn!

+ Loving the tension between Rick, Carol, and Morgan. I’m hoping they butt heads by next week.

+ Great cliffhanger again.

– More stupidity coming from the Alexandrians…

– Enid is such a brat.

– Felt mostly like filler. I think the first five minutes and the last five minutes could’ve been tacked on an earlier episode.

Extra Thoughts:

– I’m wondering if we’ll ever find out how Rick got out of that RV.

With the mid-season finale coming up next week, what do you predict will happen on The Walking Dead? Tell us what you think in the comments or on Twitter!

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