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REVIEW: The Walking Dead 6×08 “Start to Finish”

Getting real tired of your shit again, The Walking Dead. Not only was “Start to Finish” a pretty disappointing mid-season finale, but it also further demonstrated just how much I hate half of the characters on this show. Is it just me, or are people infinitely dumber in the zombie apocalypse? How many stupid decisions do they have to make before they wise up? Or does this show have an obsession with frustrating viewers? If you don’t feel like reading the rest of this review, I’ll just sum it up as “I never wanted to dropkick my television so hard before.” (spoilers ahead!)

Last we saw, the watchtower outside of Alexandria collapsed, taking out a good chunk of the wall. With the walkers swarming into the city, everyone is separated as they head for cover. Rick, Michonne, Carl, and Deanna are welcomed to stay in Jessie’s home with her sons Ron and Sam. Ron is apparently still pissed about Carl making a move on Enid. I mean, who cares that a bunch of walkers are infiltrating the city and will soon be descending upon their home? Ron HAS to get his revenge on Carl, right? The two get into a scuffle that actually leads to the walkers breaking through the garage and entering the house. Then, Carl actually lies to everyone to protect Ron. Seriously? He’s going to protect the guy who just tried to shoot him? Glenn already tried this with Nicholas – look what happened there!

I know, I know – Carl doesn’t know what happened with Nicholas and Glenn so he can’t learn from their mistakes. However, The Walking Dead‘s writers DO know what happened, yet they feel the need to repeat this same scenario all over again. It’s incredibly frustrating. We’re well-aware that this won’t end on a positive note. How much you want to bet that Ron gets someone killed soon? I swear, if he ends up attacking or shooting Carl, I’m going to flip out. I will literally yell “I TOLD YOU SO!” at the TV.

There’s more trouble going on in the house. Deanna was bitten. Aw, boo hoo. A minor character with crappy development was bitten. If anything, I’m kinda glad Deanna is gone now. She turned Alexandria into a community of wimps who don’t understand the concept of a headshot. Maybe now Rick can lead them properly (if they can ever save Alexandria from the walker army).

Here’s another stupid decision – Deanna crawls into Judith’s room to get a last glance at her before she turns. Are you kidding me? How selfish do you have to be? You know you’re going to be a zombie soon. How dare you risk a baby’s life? Michonne should’ve beheaded her right away. It’s these kinds of mistakes that will end up costing lives in the future.


Speaking of mistakes, let’s discuss Morgan now. Morgan, Carol, and Denise are all holed up in the same building as the imprisoned Wolf. Carol and Morgan get into a standoff over the fate of the prisoner. I was praying, literally praying, for Carol to just kill Morgan right then and there. He was so adamant about protecting the Wolf even though he was well aware of his murderous intentions. In the end, Morgan knocks out Carol, and the Wolf knocks out Morgan before taking Denise hostage and heading outside. I hope everyone can now agree that Morgan sucks. I don’t care if he was trying to be merciful or offering redemption. I don’t care if he’s supposed to act as Rick’s conscience or whatever. He probably just cost Denise’s life, and gave Carol a serious concussion as well.

But if you want to talk about frustrating, don’t get me started on the final moments of the episode. Rick gets everyone to slather themselves with walker guts so that they can escape the house. The only person who has a real problem with this is Jessie’s annoying son Sam who won’t stop whining. Oh, and side-note: why do they let Sam continue to blast music while there are walkers swarming the city? They should’ve destroyed his record-player the moment they found out Deanna was bitten. Nope. He just keeps playing his music like nothing is happening.

Anyway, Sam is all whiny about dressing up as the “monsters”. As everyone is sneaking out of the house disguised as walkers, he starts crying out for his mom, possibly blowing their cover. Roll end credits.

Sam and Morgan must be related. There’s no way two characters can be this frustrating unless they had a blood connection. I’m giving Sam the slight benefit of the doubt because I have a small feeling that he’s developmentally challenged. It’s never explicitly stated, but the way he acts makes it seem like he’s younger than he actually is. Who knows?

The mid-season finale was disappointing, and the only real positive I can find in the episode is that maybe more people will realize what I knew all along: Morgan is useless. Now we have to wait a few months until we find out whether anybody else on the show will wise up and take action.

Final Grade: C –

+ Carl has some decency to him, but WHY DID HE COVER FOR RON?!

+ Thank God Carol actually took action and went after the Wolf.

– Deanna’s death didn’t have much of an impact.

– I wanted to punch almost everyone in this episode in the face.

– Ultimately a disappointing mid-season finale.

Extra Thoughts:

– How soon until we see the infamous Negan?

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