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REVIEW: The Walking Dead 6×06 “Always Accountable”

Daryl fans should be happy that their favorite character was the center of this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. “Always Accountable” was on-par with some of the other episodes we’ve been trudging through the past few weeks (and much better than that boring Morgan-centric episode), but it still felt a bit off. While the episode finally showed us where the hell Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl were the past couple of weeks, we’re still left with a ton of burning questions (aside from the whole “Is Glenn alive or dead?” dilemma). At the very least, we got great character development from our protagonists, which definitely helped “Always Accountable” achieve a decent rating overall. (spoilers ahead!)

No, we still don’t know what happened to Glenn. And we won’t be finding out this week. But for once, I’m okay with it. Instead, we’re treated to a developmental episode for Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl. The trio is continuing on its mission to lure the walkers away from Alexandria, but during their journey, they are ambushed by a group of armed assailants. It’s unlikely that these people were Wolves since we learned in an earlier episode that they lacked firearms, but it makes you wonder if there is yet another faction of survivors who are going to cause trouble for our protagonists.

Sasha and Abraham are separated from Daryl, who goes biking off into the woods to escape a band of walkers. He eventually comes across a trio of unnamed survivors who overcome him and take him as prisoner. Way to go, Daryl – this is what happens when you let your guard down. Anyway, these survivors are pretty generic and don’t stand out as their own characters, so it was difficult to care for them this episode. It also didn’t help that we never got any of their names and that their discussions are too ambiguous to understand. All we know is that they assumed Daryl was a Wolf and that they are looking for someone (or as we find out later on, something) named Patty.

The only development we get out of these strangers is that one of them needs regular insulin shots to stay alive, and that the other two are committed to helping her. So clearly there is a family dynamic, and this new trio has a strong bond – they weren’t just three hapless strangers who encountered each other randomly one day. They must’ve been together for a while and they genuinely care for one another. This is demonstrated even further when the girl requiring the insulin stupidly gets herself bitten by a prone walker, leading to her death and causing a near-breakdown in her two companions. How do people keep making these stupid-ass mistakes? Stay the hell away from walkers until after you destroy the head. Oh, you want to show respect for a fallen friend. That’s okay. Did you make sure they were properly executed with a blow to the head? Oh, you didn’t? You deserve whatever’s coming. Even if the girl was just a teenager who didn’t know better, her two friends should’ve been smart enough to do something. God, this show frustrates me sometimes.

Speaking of frustrating, I was getting kind-of annoyed with Daryl too. Not only does he let himself get overcome by these people twice in one episode, but there’s also one scene in particular where a walker is slowly shambling toward him and he’s struggling to pull his crossbow out of the duffel bag. Did he need to pull out the crossbow? I’m sure he could’ve picked up a stick or a rock and got the job done just as fast. The show obviously did this to add a little tension, but the problem is a) we know Daryl wouldn’t die in such a punk-ass way, and b) if he DID die, fans would freak out – but we wouldn’t freak out because he died; we’d be pissed about how he died in such a cheap fashion. It’s a small nitpick, but it was enough to make me shake my head in shame.

At one point in the episode, Daryl gets away from his captors, taking their bags with him. However, he soon returns when he discovers the box of insulin. So he does have a heart after all. Unfortunately, his being merciful only leads to trouble (as per usual on this show). The strangers end up stealing his bike and his crossbow before abandoning him in the woods. They tell him that they’re sorry, and he responds with “You will be”.


You can beat Daryl over the head a couple times and tie him up, but you do not take his crossbow. I cannot wait to see what he does when he encounters these people again.

Slowing down a bit, let’s go to Abraham and Sasha’s side of the story. They go searching for Daryl and make a pit-stop in a small abandoned town. During this time, they begin to bond, sharing their thoughts on one another and on their current situation in this walker-infested world. It’s interesting to see these two characters communicate since they both share some major similarities, primarily the PTSD and the loss of their families. I’m curious about whether we’ll see a relationship blossoming between the two in the near future.

While on a solo supply run, Abraham comes across some military vehicles and a soldier-turned-walker impaled on a fence. He spots a rocket launcher strapped to the walker’s back and he decides that he wants it. There’s a tense scene where the walker and Abraham yell in each other’s faces, which I’m assuming is due to Abraham having a PTSD flashback, and for a moment, I legit thought he was going to be bit. He finally gives up on grabbing the rocket launcher and walks away to smoke a cigar from a box he found. Luck is with him as the walker falls off the fence, leaving behind the rocket launcher.

Now armed with some heavy-duty equipment, Abraham and Sasha are more optimistic about their future. Things get even better when they spot Daryl arriving in a huge fuel truck (with the license plate saying “Patty”). The trio is reunited and they drive off happily into the sunset toward Alexandria – only to hear someone on the radio saying “Help!” Was it Rick? Was it Glenn? Was it some character we haven’t met yet?

The episode was on the slower side, but it showed us some necessary development among the main characters. As I said, I didn’t care as much that we didn’t learn about what happened to Glenn yet because the episode was so compelling. But I have to say – we MUST learn Glenn’s fate by the time the mid-season finale comes around, or I will be pissed.

Final Grade: B

+ Glad to see Daryl has a heart and is willing to go back to drop off the insulin, even if it cost him his bike and his crossbow in the end…

+ The scenes where Abraham and Sasha bond made for interesting character development.

+ Hell of a cliffhanger at the end.

– Such stupidity on Daryl’s part…

– The scenes with Abraham and Sasha were pretty slow overall.

– The three strangers who Daryl encounters annoyed me; not because they were villains, but because of the ambiguity behind their intentions. I wish we got an explanation as to who they are by the end of this episode instead of having to wait to learn more about them.

Extra Thoughts:

– It’s a toss-up as to who was on the other end of the radio; it could be Glenn calling for help as he’s hiding under the dumpster, or it could be Rick trapped in the RV.

What did you think of “Always Accountable”? Are you getting tired of waiting for Glenn? Did you at least appreciate the development of Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha? Tell us what you think in the comments or on Twitter!

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