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6 Actors Who Could Play Iron Fist

With the astounding critical reaction to Jessica Jones, it’s little surprise that people are starting to speculate about the rest of Marvel’s Netflix line-up. Alongside the two shows that have already been released, Mike Colter will soon be headlining a show based around Luke Cage – a character that we have already been introduced to. However, little is currently known about the fourth Netflix property apart from the fact that it will be about Iron Fist.

That, alongside the internet’s manic passion for baseless speculation, seemed reason enough for a list. So here we have it: six actors who could potentially, maybe, possibly play Danny Rand on Netflix. Buckle yourselves in, we’re in for guess-ridden ride.

6. Charlie Hunnam


That’s right, we’re starting off with the guy from Pacific Rim. While he has headlined a major blockbuster and would certainly be on the producers’ radars, Charlie Hunnam hasn’t really done enough yet to make a massive name for himself, and as such, he wouldn’t be too distracting in a small-screen role such as this.

Importantly, at several points in Pacific Rim, Hunnam proved he can handle a fight scene. His martial arts moves were certainly all right and could easily be made to work with Iron Fist. Sure, his American accent wasn’t the best, but that’s something that could easily be masked. If he works on his accent and shaves the goatee, I’d say he has a fairly good chance of landing the part.

5. Ray Park


Ray Park. You know him, you tolerate him. Darth Maul. Snake-Eyes. Erm… Toad.

Park may be a little older than some of the others on this list, but he still could easily pull off the ‘billionaire martial-artist’ look. There’s no doubt Park could manage the fight scenes as well – you only have to see him flipping about in The Phantom Menace to work that one out. Even though Iron Fist wears a mask, I’d argue that it’s pretty important that the actor himself  be able to perform the fight scenes in Iron Fist. The one concern is his acting ability, which has never really gathered favourable reviews.

However, he’s undoubtedly a huge fan of the character. Park has publicly expressed his interest in playing the role and was once apparently attached to a film adaptation that ultimately fell through. If he was considered good enough for it once, surely there’s a chance he could pick it up again.

4. Justin Hartley


Alongside really, really looking the part, Justin Hartley does have prior small-screen superhero experience – he was Oliver Queen in Smallville, and was cast as Aquaman in a pilot for another show that was sadly never picked up. Hartley’s Oliver Queen had a dark streak, but when push came to shove, he was capable of standing up and doing the right thing. Also, he was a total badass. So he’s definitely got a fitting resume for Danny Rand.

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