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AP2HYC has been running for five awesome years now, and for the first time, we’re asking for your help to make it even better. We’re running a Patreon campaign with some sweet rewards, so we can expand our site to include bigger and better content.

Here’s a little potted history of AP2HYC: David, our editor, started the site on Halloween in 2010, with a series of articles about what defines superheroes. After a year of publishing articles on his own, he expanded to involve other editors and writers. I joined in 2013 as an editor, wrote a few articles including a savage review of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that lost us readers, and took pictures at conventions. After that, I was moved over to run our newly-created YouTube channel. In the last two years, I’ve seen the site grow from 8 staff writers to 50, interviewed childhood heroes and modern-day legends, and watched our social influence grow. Last year, we created a massively successful calendar with help from our favourite artists, and this year, we’re looking to do more. 

Our Patreon campaign has only just started to grow, but we have big plans for it. Some of the funds will go to podcasts like the amazing Jock and Nerd, who have interviewed heavyweights like Greg Weisman of Young Justice and Gargoyles. We’d like to help them improve their production values and promote their great work. Some of the funds will go to our very own YouTube channel, allowing us to deliver more great geeky video content like this cosplay video and our series of gameplay videos showing David sucking at video games. 

Most importantly, funding our site through Patreon means we can keep control over the types of ads, if any, that you see on AP2HYC, and continue to offer free promotion to comics and Kickstarters we love.

There are some amazing rewards – namely our new calendar, delivered straight to your inbox every month. We’ve already got great artists on board, like Heart of Time’s Sarah Millman and Backwards Burd’s Sajan Rai. If you want to see how awesome these will be, check out our Kickstarter for last year’s calendar. This makes an awesome Christmas gift for your favourite fellow geek, and will be available for just a £12 subscription lasting one year.

An early sketch of our Januaray image by Sarah Millman featuring the Legends of Tomorrow.

For higher pledge tiers, we wanted to encourage you all to share in the growth of our site, so we’ve created a secret Fortress of Solitude for all cape-wearers to communicate on. We’ll be asking you which videos you want to see next, allowing you to vote on your favourite articles, and even holding our own monthly Pub Quiz. Well, a Google Hangout pub quiz- where we get drunk and ask questions through the magic of webcam. 

So in summary – if you like AP2HYC, and you want more, plus some awesome goodies over the next year, sign up to our Patreon today!

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