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RERUN REVIEW: Lois and Clark 2×09 “Season’s Greedings”

Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to celebrate the lead up to Christmas than to watch Season 2 episode 9 of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, promptly named “Season’s Greedings”.

This episode, which first aired in 1994, is set at Christmas (who would have guessed it). It sees the introduction to Winlsow Schott aka The Toy Man, this time played by the charming Sherman Hemsley, who you may remember from the show The Jeffersons.


This version of The Toy Man, along with long suffering assistant Ms Duffy, played by The Jefferson’s Isabel Sanford, is out to ruin Christmas with his new creation ‘Atomic Space Rats’, which contains a very addictive potion. These rats affect all those that come into contact with it, yes even The Man of Steel, played by Dean Cain and in turn, making them act like bratty kids. Yes this wasn’t the typical representation of The Toy Man, but Hemsley is likeable in the role.

The episode is very Clark and Lois oriented with only a sprinkle of scenes involving Superman. This was how the show operated though, making Superman almost a side character to that of Lois and Clark and their growing friendship and eventual relationship.

There are plenty of cameos in this episode including, Dick Van Patten and Denise Richards who appears as Jimmy Olsen’s love interest for the episode, before disappearing never to be seen in the show again.

What made Lois and Clark great for me was the supporting cast and characters. Lane Smith is still my favourite Perry White and Teri Hatcher was a great Lois Lane, her chemistry with Dean Cain carried the show through its most successful seasons. Here we see the casts more slapstick side. At one point we see Smith’s Perry dressed as Elvis being pulled on a sleigh by Superman… yes really.

As with most of the show, the episode is fun to watch but is ever so slightly cheesy, which is part of its charm. The episode didn’t do much to progress the season, which I might add was the strongest during its four-season run, until it’s final few scenes but it was fun to watch nonetheless.

The major highlight of the episode comes during its closing scenes, which allows for the will they won’t they relationship of Lois and Clark to grow ever so slightly closer, pushing forward their romance, which the producers toyed with for most of the season.

“Season’s Greedings” is one of those fun to watch filler episodes from season two of the short lived 90’s show. It had its silly moments sure, but it was a fun episode that sticks out as one of the more enjoyable from the early years.

Were you a fan of Lois & Clark? What did you think of the episode “Season’s Greedings”? As always let us know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter!

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