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REVIEW: Jessica Jones 1X10 “AKA I’ve Got the Blues”

Don’t worry – I won’t spend this article fawning over how dark Jessica Jones has become. I’m pretty sure I’ve driven that point home already. Instead, I’m going to admire how “AKA I’ve Got the Blues” was a new, more action-heavy take on the show with a unique approach. I think I’ve mentioned how this show isn’t exactly meant to be too action-y and more of a hard-boiled detective noir story, but I gotta give Jessica Jones credit for pulling off a good fight scene this episode. (spoilers ahead!)

First, it’s important to point out how Kilgrave has a very small role during this episode. He’s still very much active and alive, but his character takes a backseat to another “villain”: Simpson. I use the term “villain” lightly since I don’t consider Simpson a full-on bad guy just yet. He definitely has the makings for it, that’s for sure, but his ultimate goal is to take out Kilgrave. If anything, Simpson is more of an anti-hero, very much like the Punisher, only with villainous aspects. His role in this episode was much needed since it brought a new flavor to this somewhat monotonous genre (I’ll elaborate more on that later).

I have to say that one of the highlights of this entire episode is Jessica and Trish’s relationship. The two friends spend most of the episode trying to track down Albert to see if Kilgrave still has him hostage or if he has executed him yet. While the two are scouting the city morgues, we see flashbacks to when they first started developing their relationship, shortly after the Walker family adopted Jessica.

One day, a teenage Trish stumbled upon Jessica as she was secretly demonstrating her super strength. Jessica begged Trish to keep it a secret. Therefore, they make a pact – Trish won’t tell anyone about Jessica’s powers and Jessica won’t reveal how Trish’s stage mother verbally and physically abused her. Jessica holds up her end of the bargain until one day she witnesses Trish’s mom forcing her daughter to vomit. Our hero interferes and throws Mama Walker into the wall. It’s safe to say that this was the moment when Trish not only started seeing Jessica as a close friend and actual sister, but it also marked Jessica’s first time “acting the hero”.


In the present, Simpson arrives at Trish’s apartment. He comes off all good-natured and well-behaved, but secretly, he wants Jessica and Trish to stop interfering with his plans to finish off Kilgrave once and for all. Simpson takes two of his special pills, which leads him to assassinate two agents who were coming after him while locking Trish in her workout room.

Simpson heads to Jessica’s apartment to finally get rid of her so that he can complete his mission without anymore interference. Jessica uses some verbal gymnastics to trick him into revealing that he shot Clemons. This leads to a massive fight scene across the apartment with Simpson coming out victorious – until Trish appears (having escaped her imprisonment) and attacks him with a fire extinguisher.

Jessica and Trish hide out in the bathroom, and the former admits that she’s too weak to beat Simpson. Instead of surrendering or giving up hope, Trish takes one of Simpson’s pills and proceeds to beat the living sh*t out of him. Much like how Jessica acted the hero and saved Trish from her mother all those years ago, now Trish got to be the hero and saved Jessica this time around. It also it sorta foreshadowed Trish’s potential future as a superhero (in the comics, she becomes the crimefighter known as Hellcat).

I’ve complained about poor choreography in past episodes of Jessica Jones, but it looks like they found someone better to handle the fight scenes in this episode. Seeing Trish take on Simpson was like watching a modern-day David vs. Goliath. It was just fantastic. Who knew that a former child star could be such a bad-ass? Unfortunately, Simpson’s pills have a negative effect on Trish, and she ends up going to the hospital.

The episode’s finale was a bit of a letdown, mostly because it was so random. This entire episode was focused on Jessica, Simpson, and Trish, and then at the last minute, we shift to Kilgrave and Luke Cage. Kilgrave tells Jessica to hurry to Luke’s bar if she wants to see him alive. When she gets there, she sees that her friend/confidant has been Kilgraved into blowing up his own bar. The building explodes, but Luke’s unbreakable skin protects him; looks like Kilgrave didn’t know about this special little power. Despite surviving unharmed, Luke is not happy, and it looks like he and Jessica are now both hell-bent on finding Kilgrave no matter what.

“AKA I’ve Got the Blues” was another enjoyable hour and a great way to break up the monotony of the show. Simpson makes for an interesting villain, and I would love to see him make a return soon, but on another show. For now, though, I’d prefer that the last couple of episodes of Jessica Jones focused on our titular hero and her vendetta with Kilgrave.

Final Grade: B +

+ Loved the fight scene between Trish and Simpson.

+ The scenes showing Trish and Jessica’s blossoming friendship were much needed beautifully shot.

+ Excellent performances between Krysten Ritter and Rachael Taylor.

– Somewhat out-of-place ending.

– I don’t know why, but Simpson’s lines sounded so odd this episode; it’s like Wil Traval forgot how to act and had to rely on cue cards.

– Some cheesy one-liners (What else do you expect from the Marvel Cinematic Universe?)

Extra Thoughts:

– When will Simpson return?

What were your thoughts on “AKA I’ve Got the Blues”? Are you curious to see if Simpson will make a return? Tell us what you think in the comments or on Twitter!

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