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REVIEW: Jessica Jones 1X12 “AKA Take a Bloody Number”

Quick question: what’s the point of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage wearing helmets when riding a motorcycle? It’s kinda unnecessary, right? Sorry, that’s just a tiny issue I had with the penultimate episode of Jessica Jones, “AKA Take a Bloody Number”. Overall, I thought it was a great lead-in to the finale and a terrific episode overall. We know that the season is coming to a close, so it’s obvious that the show will be pulling out all the stops in order to make the finale much more epic. But I was still shocked by the crazy climax to this episode that included a surprising plot twist. (spoilers ahead!)

Last episode, we watched a Kilgraved Luke blow up his own bar in front of Jessica. Fortunately, his unbreakable skin protected him, but that doesn’t mean he’s not pissed, both because he lost his bar and because he doesn’t appreciate being mind-controlled. Jessica and Luke spend a better part of this episode trying to find clues that lead to Kilgrave’s whereabouts while also rebuilding their friendship. In a touching moment, Luke explains that he forgives Jessica for what she did to his wife, and you think that everything is all settled. However, things are never that easy for our heroes. But more on that later.


Trish is currently in the hospital after suffering from the after-effects of Simpson’s pills in the last episode. Her mother appears and reveals the involvement of a group called IGH – the same company that paid for Jessica’s medical bills after the car accident that killed her parents. At first, it looks like Trish is going to recruit Jessica to help uncover what IGH is up to, but when she sees her friend bonding with Luke, she decides against it, figuring that it’s about time Jessica gets to be happy. Call me crazy, but I’d like to see a web-series or Marvel One-Shot where Trish does a little sleuthing to find out more about IGH. Either that, or they discuss the company’s role in a future Netflix installment – maybe in the Luke Cage solo series.

Elsewhere in Jessica’s apartment building, Robyn and Malcolm have their own bonding session. While I felt like the scenes between these two minor characters were slow and boring, I was happy that we got to see a platonic relationship develop. I’ve gotten tired of all these superhero shows ALWAYS forcing a romance between a random male and female character. Finally, we get to see two people of the opposite sex get to be just friends. Take note, Arrow and The Flash.

Luke and Jessica discover that Kilgrave is planning to enhance his powers so that he can control larger crowds at once. The heroes track Kilgrave to a concert venue where he plans to test out his powers, but at the last minute, he pulls a wild card out of his pocket: Luke Cage. As it turns out, Luke has been under his mind-control for the past couple of days. When Jessica was off to rescue Hope and the support group, Luke was attempting to catch Kilgrave – unfortunately, he was coerced by the villain into doing his bidding. Luke revealed to him that he had a romance going on with Jessica, which made a jealous Kilgrave turn him into a pawn. Luke has been under his influence this entire time – even when he told Jessica that he forgave her. It’s a bit sad to hear this. So much for them patching things up.

Luke is ordered to kill Jessica, and the two get into a massive brawl that spills out onto the street. I was happy that we got to see another great fight scene to come out of the show. It’s better choreographed than the previous fight scene with Luke, but it also holds more meaning since it is apparent that both heroes are trying their hardest to not truly hurt each other. Despite Kilgrave’s influence, Luke is attempting to restrain his own power. When Jessica grabs a rifle from a nearby police car and points it to Luke’s head, he pleads with her to do what she has to do. Click. Boom. Cue credits.

Now, it would’ve been a truly tragic scene to watch Jessica have to blow Luke’s head off, except for the fact that it didn’t actually happen. Luke is unbreakable. Plus, he’s got his own show coming up. It’s not like they were going to kill him off. We as the audience already know that. If Luke’s show had aired BEFORE Jessica Jones, maybe it would’ve been more of a cliffhanger. Otherwise, it’s kinda like “Meh. He’ll survive.”

Even with this small hiccup, the episode still ended with a great climax. If this didn’t make you excited for the Jessica Jones finale, then I don’t know what to tell you. Bring on the epic conclusion to the season!

Final Grade: A –

+ The plot twist with Luke was great.

+ Some fantastic scenes between Jessica and Luke.

+ The entire scene at the nightclub at the end was amazingly shot and executed.

– It’s weird that they brought in IGH in one of the final episodes; I would’ve preferred it if it came into play earlier.

– The scenes with Robyn and Malcolm were just time-wasters.

Extra Thoughts:

– Is there a connection between IGH and the experiment that gave Captain America his powers?

How did you feel about “AKA Take a Bloody Number”? Are you excited for the season finale? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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