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REVIEW: Supergirl 1×10 “Childish Things”

Who would’ve thought that the Toyman would be a decent villain for Supergirl? I sure didn’t. I was surprised to hear about this villain coming to the series, but I knew it had to be coming after hearing Winn’s last name. I think that tonight’s episode, “Childish Things”, really pulled it off well. My only true complaint revolved around the horrid secondary story… (spoilers ahead!)

A little background: Toyman is Winslow Schott, Sr., father of Supergirl’s quirky tech confidant Winn. As the episode progresses, we hear how Toyman was sent away to prison after killing six people with a bomb hidden in a toy. Now, he’s escaped, and it seems that he wants to reconnect with his son after all these years.

I wasn’t a fan of Winn in the beginning of this series. To me, he just felt like a slightly more bearable Felicity Smoak. All he did was provide the tech for the hero and act as an unrequited love interest. Tonight, though, he really kicked ass performance-wise. Jeremy Jordan did such a good job portraying the character, and almost every scene he was in was stellar. Almost

There was one scene in particular that had me cringing so hard I was about to just shut the TV off. Winn and Kara are having an emotional conversation and Winn decides to go in for a kiss. He actually plants one on Kara before she jumps away. It was so bad. I’ve seen stuff in shows and movies where the person turns away right before the kiss, but Winn actually landed it, and that made the scene ten times more cringe-worthy.

But all that cringe aside, it was still an exceptional performance from Jordan. Every time he speaks with his father, you feel that broken connection between them. You really believe that they are an estranged family and that Winn is absolutely terrified of what his father has become. Meanwhile, you WANT to feel bad for his dad, but he’s such a sadistic villain that you can’t root for him at all. He’s almost a sympathetic psycho.

The one big complaint I had about the whole Toyman arc is the conclusion. Toyman orders his son to assassinate an old rival at a toy convention, and if Winn doesn’t go through with it, he’ll detonate 10 bombs hidden around the building. Winn changes his mind at the last minute and stops the assassination, and Supergirl comes in to save the day. Toyman isn’t happy so he detonates the bombs. Lucky for the heroes, the bombs are on a five-second countdown before they explode. How convenient! Oh, and how does Supergirl save the day? She triggers the sprinkler system and then freezes the water into a protective sheet of ice. The bombs go off and nobody is harmed thanks to the ice barrier. Yeah, THAT’S how you stop a cluster of bombs – with a thin sheet of ice.

There were two big secondary stories to this episode, one of which I absolutely hated. Basically, Cat Grant hires Lucy Lane to work at CatCo, and James Olsen clearly isn’t too happy about it. Then they kiss and make up while Kara watches on in silence. It was pure filler and bit of a time-waster to me.

The other secondary story is where the real magic happened. Alex agrees to distract Maxwell Lord by going on a dinner date with him while J’onn/Hank/Martian Manhunter infiltrates his office building. I’m sticking by my notion that Alex is going to bang Maxwell soon, which will cause a rift between her and Kara. And you know what? I’d totally side with Kara on that one.

Anyway, J’onn uses his shapeshifting abilities to assume Maxwell’s identity and finds a hidden room in Lord Technologies that contains the Kara clone. A security guard discovers J’onn’s disguise and almost gets away with it, but J’onn wipes his memory clean to prevent his secret from getting out. It gets pretty dark when you realize that he COMPLETELY wipes the guy’s mind, even memories of his family.

At the end of the episode, you discover that Maxwell planted a camera on Alex’s purse, and the purse just HAPPENS to be pointed right at Alex and Kara as they’re sitting on the couch about to watch TV. Oh, and Kara is still wearing her Supergirl costume. Maxwell is lucky that the planets aligned and gave him the front seat to such an event.

So while tonight’s episode of Supergirl wasn’t the strongest of the season, it was still really entertaining, especially with a villain such as Toyman. I also liked the further inclusion of J’onn and his powers. I’ve still got my fingers crossed that we get to see him shine in an upcoming episode.

Final Grade: B

+ Awesome special effects with Martian Manhunter this episode.

+ Jeremy Jordan gave a fantastic performance.

+ The Toyman was a great villain; I can’t wait for him to make a return.

– Winn’s attempted kiss was pure cringe.

– The way Supergirl stopped the bombs was kinda stupid.

– I didn’t care much for the secondary plot involving Lucy and James.

Extra Thoughts:

– Maxwell now knows that Supergirl is Alex’s sister. I’m guessing J’onn will have to wipe his memory – or will he just kill him?

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