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REVIEW: The Flash 2×10 “Potential Energy”

He’s back guys. Great googley moogley Reverse Flash is back. Oh and a ton of other awesome stuff happened, but mostly “Potential Energy” managed to do what the front half seemingly did not want to, make The Flash feel like The Flash. I mean seriously how long has it been since we had a true honest to goodness, basic Flash episode that had nothing to do with either building up Legends of Tomorrow or servicing Arrow. I would say quite a bit. I mean the episode managed to hit nearly all of it’s bases with West family drama, relationship drama, a compelling and creepy villain, and even a solid tie in to the fight against Zoom. It just felt like a good ol’ fashion Flash episode with none of the excess weight to bring it down, and that is exactly what this back half needed to start off right.

So let’s start off with the uninspired part, Patty is gone and there was really no good reason for it to happen other than the fact Barry was a consistent wuss. Patty was easily one of the better parts of the front half with Harry coming in a close second, but Patty actually managed to add something to each plot she was tied into too. For her to just up and leave because she just got into some random program felt slightly out of character considering how committed she has been to the task force and the city as a whole. What managed to aggravate me the most about this was Barry’s hesitance at first in telling Patty of his secret identity. I mean literally everyone else he cares about knows the secret, so why in the hell wouldn’t he tell someone he knows can handle all of the weird and bizarre. Luckily for us Patty managed to make it out of the city alive, so she can always mange to come back into play.

Speaking of making it out alive, The Turtle unfortunately was not as lucky. Aaron Douglas did a great job of bringing this unnerving psychopath to life and at the same time giving him real depth that is not typically afforded to Flash villains. I loved the idea that he was a collector who seemingly had gone insane and also the idea of him being a background villain that never warranted Barry’s full attention. Watching Barry be the last to find out about The Turtle provided more joy than it should have, but it was truly entertaining nonetheless. It was also fascinating to see how Barry was forced to deal with The Turtle’s abilities, even if the final push was a little bit to predictable as Barry has just run faster on multiple occasions. Sadly, Harry got the last laugh as Zoom’s inside man managed to take out the villain and make sure that the team will never be able to reverse engineer his abilities.

Speaking of Harry, the more we begin to learn about who he is as a person, the more dangerous of an ally he will turn out to be it seems. As he has a truly rudimentary goal, protecting/saving his daughter, it is clear that no one and no thing will be able to effectively stand in his way. Watching him become a puppet for Zoom was slightly disheartening, until Harry told us exactly how Zoom got his name. It was a great bit of acting by Tom Cavanagh as he recounted how Zoom mowed down a bunch of police officers. That and the final monologue proved just how exciting of a character he can be and just how poorly placed all of the teams trust is in this man. Hopefully we will actually be able to see more of his and Jessie’s interactions, because as of right now we are only scaring the surface of what their characters can do.

Now for the last bit of Wally West who is not the Wally we know and love from Young Justice but an entirely different beast. I appreciate the fact that he is indeed willing to give Joe a chance despite his resentment that Joe never sought him out or even thought to check up on Francine to see how she was doing. However, at some points he just came off as a dick and really unrelateable despite having a solid reason to behave that way. It was also somewhat off-putting to see Joe all gungho without considering what Wally might be feeling about all of the recent reveals. I mean I understand Joe is excited at the prospect of having a son, but it should not have taken him this long to realize how awkward this would be for everyone. Stranger still when Iris is the voice of reason in the entire situation, I mean thank god someone had that thought that things are super awkward.

Overall it was a solid return, but I am still waiting for more Zoom.

Final Grade B

+West Family issues

+The Turtle was a fun villain

+Harry’s motivations

-Patty just up and vanishing

-Zoom not making his presence felt

Extra Thoughts

-I think we need to redefine what it takes to be on Team Flash if nearly killing a guy and a giant meta shark are green lights.

-So Jay has speed withdrawal syndrome, weird curveball but I will see where it goes.

-By now Reverse Flash had already made a real impact on the team, I just am not feeling it with Zoom yet. He really needs another big episode and fast.

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