Telltale Games Working on A Batman Game And The Possibilities Are Endless

Developer Telltale Games has earned a legendary reputation for their graphic adventure video games, which put emphasis on visual human perception, allowing for more narrative driven experiences than most games currently on the market.

You may be familiar with Telltale through their work on games such as The Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands, Minecraft: Story Mode, Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park.

It was announced at the the Game Awards 2015 in LA that they’re working on a Batman game, which, like most of their products, will be released in episodic installments. This could not be more of a dream come true. The masters of visual storytelling bringing the Dark Knight to life? Hell yes! And as their previous game based on a DC comic, the Fables adaptation The Wolf Among Us, was nothing short of a masterpiece, expect nothing less from their Batman game. Aside from the trailer, we don’t know much about the game yet, but we can always speculate.

All of Telltale’s games present players with options that can affect the outcome, so the possibilities with a Batman game are endless! Should he turn the criminal over to the authorities or let them go so that they can lead him to more no-gooders? Should he save people from the burning building or rush to the other side of town to stop the bomb from detonating? Should he promise to let the criminal go if they tell him what he needs to know, or should he just beat it out of them and then turn them over to the authorities? Well, you’ll be Batman, so the choices will be up to you.

Visually, their Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us games, which were both based on comic books, had a wonderful cel-shaded graphic style that literally made you feel as though you were looking at a comic book coming to life, so their Batman game has the potential to look beautiful. Whether they choose to go for a more colourful appearance or something more dark and gritty, expect the look of the Dark Knight to be perfectly captured.

And naturally, as Telltale’s games all have a brilliant cinematic quality, they are known for their award worthy performances from their voice casts. No word on any of the cast for the Batman game yet, but please please please can Mark Hamill voice the Joker? After his Game Award nominated performance as the Clown Prince of Crime in Arkham City, he said that he was done with the character, but he later returned in Arkham Knight (albeit only as a hallucination) in addition to being speculated to reprise the role in The Killing Joke animated film, so there’s a strong possibility that he could be present. Kevin Conroy also swore that he was done voicing Batman after Arkham City, but then also returned in Arkham Knight, so it’s also highly likely that he too could be present.

Hopefully Telltale and publisher Warner Bros. will unveil some new details soon, but in the meantime it could be time for a binge play-through of all of Telltale’s previous titles.

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