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6 Comic Book Movies to Get Excited for in 2016

As we enter the year of 2016, I am sure we’re all aware that there is an army of comic book movies all lined up for us to see and enjoy throughout the coming future. What is so exciting about ‘now’ however, is that each one these franchises are hitting their own pinnacle moment in their respected stories, the reason for this is because we’re either seeing new things being born (Justice League), stories slowing edging towards their long awaited conclusion (Avengers) and we’re also seeing characters being rebooted bringing justice to their previous frailty endeavours (Deadpool, somewhat X-Men).

However like I said, there is a number of movies confirmed all the way up to 2020, and further beyond that, but what I am going to focus on and appreciate in this article is the anticipation and excitement of the upcoming comic book movies of this year, explaining why we need to run and see these movies and boy… do we have line up!

6. Doctor Strange


The first reason to be excited for this film is that Mr Benedict Cumberbatch shall be playing our Doctor Strange and who better to play him other then this incredible actor. I reckon Cumberbatch is going to bring an amazing performance to this role and make it a delight to watch. In addition to this, the story is looking very interesting, even though he may not be as popular as Spider-Man or Iron Man but look at Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy for example; they were deemed unpopular with non-comic readers and look how successful they ended up being.

The narrative and action in this character’s comic are rather indulging and entertaining and with this being put on screen, everyone will start seeing why Doctor Strange is pretty much an awesome superhero. With all this, not to mention how amazing this film is going to look with modern day technology, I also believe its the last marvel film of 2016 so I am sure there will some sort of hint for the upcoming films of 2017, all this combined should provide us with some exciting entertainment.

5. X-Men: Apocalypse


My God am I pumped for this film! Not only is it featuring one of my favourite X-Men villains, but it’s bringing a newly rebooted X-Men to our screens. I like to think of this film as a conclusion within a reboot, as we are about to see the end of the trilogy that consists of X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past and now concluding with this film, with our favourite characters we all love and enjoy portrayed by new actors and rebooted appearances.

From seeing the trailer, all the newly rebooted characters look pretty awesome, to name a few with got Jean Grey (Sophie Turner), Cyclops (Tye Sheridan), Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee) and Storm (Alexandra Shipp) all battling out for Human and Mutant survival. The most exciting aspect in this film comes with the introduction of Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac). As he is known to be the most powerful mutant to ever exist, it will be interesting to see how the X-Men are going to put up a fight with this formidable force and what it leads for the future.

Before I end this section, for people who have seen the new trailer, another exciting part of this film will be that we finally see a fully developed Charles Xavier at the end of the trailer without any hair, sitting in his wheel chair looking like he’s about to kick some ass!

4. Deadpool


This is a very much anticipated film for various reasons: Deadpool is one of the most popular comic heroes dues to his comedic, don’t give a s*%t attitude, which opposes most of the comic book characters we know. He’s the merc with the mouth and does what he pleases other than most who follow the heroes ‘code’ which is what makes this character so entertaining. So when we saw Deadpool (or Wade Wilson as he was portrayed) in X-Men Origins: Wolverine he ended being none of this and the character was totally destroyed and so was all that anticipation and optimism, literally gone, Holy Ghost!

To put it simply… it weren’t Deadpool. However now the character has a second chance and from the trailers he looks spot on. He has the grotesque humour, the suit, that cockiness and not to mention he’s kicking ass with his swords and twin guns! The reason to be excited for this film is because it’s a comic book movie that actually makes fun of the industry; Wade Wilson makes a sly dig at Green Lantern and X-Men Origins: Wolverine due to its poor reception from fans and that’s Deadpool all over, so expect more of that humour during the film.

He breaks rules and it has everything we’ve rarely got from a comic book movie; foul language, gore, inappropriate comedy and intense action. In addition to this, the director Tim Miller basically become a director for THIS, he made some recent shorts and was part of other projects, but never his own. We have a perfect casting in Ryan Reynolds with his cheeky charm AND… its featuring certain X-Men characters in the movie, which opens up so many possibilities for future projects, on of which will most likely be X-Force. So whether your into comic’s or not, this is a film to be excited for, with its witty humour, action and the man himself Deadpool providing us with a lot of laughs and some great entertainment.

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