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6 Villains for the DC TV Universe

So hopefully you’ve read my article about the heroes I’d like to see in the Arrowverse. If not, it’s exactly what it sounds like, which DC superheroes would fit into Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl. Now it’s the turn of the villains DC has to offer. So with no further ado here they are…

6. Lobo: Supergirl


Lobo would fit into Supergirl’s world, not exactly well but about as well as Lobo fits in anywhere else. As a well-known, relentless bounty hunter with a penchant for violence Lobo – who I’m quite sure would be well known to the inmates of Fort Rozz – is hired by Kara’s Aunt Astra to capture her niece. But obviously Kara isn’t going to let the Czarnian take her without a fight, sending Lobo off on his bike.

5. Calendar Man: Arrow


Arrow has a long history of borrowing Batman villains, going all the way to Firefly in the first season. But I think Calendar Man could make a killing in Star City (not sorry for the pun), going unnoticed for a while. Julian Day is a serial killer who kills on holidays or any day that his obsession will allow. With killings happening on seemingly random days, ones we might not even recognize as holidays, and not even really being mentioned in the show, but as posters in the police headquarters, I think Calendar Man could be a great added villain. I know when it comes to Batman serial killers Mr. Zsasz is scarier, but Calendar Man can burn slowly into a mid-season finale in which a much loved character doesn’t have to fake die. After which he can continue to be used sporadically in a Hannibal Lector cryptic style, helping Queen find other killers.

4. Mirror Master: The Flash


The Flash has one of the best galleries of rogues in all of comics and the TV series is doing some very faithful adaptations of said gallery, but Mirror Master has so far been overlooked. With the dimensional rift opening up, it just makes sense that Mirror Master should pop up somewhere as a, well, master of mirrors. Working with Zoom to open up the portal from Earth-2, the events from the end of The Flash‘s first season weren’t the fault of Barry, but actually Mirror Master helping Zoom to steal the speed force from the Scarlet Speedster.

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