PRESS RELEASE: Vivid Publishing’s Dreamkeepers Contest

Readers are battling online for hundreds of free books in a bizarre Vivid Publishing contest spanning February!

Up to five hundred copies of Dreamkeepers: Volume 1 are going up for grabs in a “Faction Contest.” Described as a “no-holds-barred social media event,” the game is simple: Readers pick a faction, and recruit to make it the strongest. On March 1st, a survey determines which faction wins- and the first 500 voters in the winning faction receive a free, 98-page full color trade paperback graphic novel.

The war has burst into the #Dreamkeepers hashtag on Twitter, where readers battle with memes, taunts, and even original artwork.

The four factions represent conflicting groups within the storyline of the Dreamkeepers– the horrific Nightmares, vigilante military Troika, shock troops of the Central City Authority, and the anarchic Neon Knives street gang.

Vivid Publishing was founded by the creator of Dreamkeepers, David Lillie. It’s latest release, Dreamkeepers: volume 4, was among the top 100 most-funded comic projects in Kickstarter history. In their bid to survive alongside the entrenched Big Two companies, Marvel and DC, will more independent publishers turn to anarchic consumer-driven marketing strategies? And is it all in good fun- or could such practices spin out of control?

Vivid’s announcement video for the contest is available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DWUptmo2e8 Readers continue to wage war in the #Dreamkeepers hashtag.



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