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REVIEW: Agent Carter 2×05 “The Atomic Job”

Everyone loves a good, “ragtag team,” episode and this was that episode for Agent Carter. “The Atomic Job,” was the episode meant to bring more attention to the subsidiary characters that everyone loves, but nobody knows all that much about. And where Agent Carter is concerned, there’s no better way to give these characters some well-deserved attention than through a harrowing mission that requires a wide array of skillsets.

Spoilers ahead!

After realizing that the Zero Matter is drawn to Wilkes, the small amount from the tissue sample temporarily making him corporeal, Peggy and Jarvis decide that the logical course of action is to break into the cold storage warehouse where the body of Jane Scott is being stored. The idea is that the extensive amount of Zero Matter in Scott’s body, if absorbed by Wilkes, might be enough to permanently make him tangible.

It’s a pretty decent plan, and Jarvis and Peggy manage to break into the building with ease, but unfortunately the Chadwicks managed to beat them to the body. Peggy and Jarvis get a first hand look at Whitney’s new powers as she sucks the Zero Matter out of Scott’s corpse… and then ominously says that she needs to get her hands on an atom bomb.

As it turns out, the atom bombs made by Roxxon possess even more Zero Matter and Whitney thinks that getting her hands on it will give her the power she and Calvin need to get out from under the Council’s thumb. Naturally, Peggy has no plan to let someone like Whitney Frost get her hands on an atomic bomb, and the Zero Matter inside it, and decides to break into an unguarded Roxxon facility in order to find a key that will get her into the very heavily guarded facility that Jarvis suspects is housing the bombs.


Only… in order to get into said facility, the trio of Sousa, Peggy, and Jarvis need some additional help from trustworthy people with skills and gadgets they need.

Enter: Rose and Dr. Samberly, the lab tech from the SSR.

The ragtag team manages to evade Roxxon guards, deadly booby traps, and state of the art equipment, breaking into the facility with relative ease and a healthy amount of humor. It seems all well and good except the Chadwicks manage to sneak in just as easily… which leads to the first proper showdown between Peggy and Whitney.

And in a wild turn of events, it’s Whitney who wins, pushing Peggy off a ledge and watching with glee as our favorite agent falls and gets impaled by a steel pole.

What the what?!!?!? 


Sousa and Jarvis bring Peggy to the other woman in Daniel’s life, nurse Violet, and get her all patched up… or as patched up as one can get while not in a hospital. The episode closes with a rough patch for both of the couples of the show, Sousa/Violet and Peggy/Wilkes, as Violet questions her new fiance about his feelings for Peggy while Peggy watches in horror as Wilkes once again disappears… now no longer corporeal or visible. Rough luck.

“The Atomic Job,” was another fun addition to Agent Carter. While not a ton occurred in terms of the plot of the series as a whole, this episode played nicely and offered quite a bit where the characters and relationships between the characters was concerned. The humor, as always, was prevalent but balanced nicely against a few poignant moments that made things abundantly clear for the characters of the show as well as viewers

Episode Grade: B

Episode Highs:

  • It was nice to see some of the subsidiary characters get some more attention. Rose has always been a fun person to watch and Dr. Samberly got a chance to be more than the irritated lab tech this week. It was doubly nice watching them interact with each other.
  • “For the record, that was nothing like baking soufflé.” Jarvis diffusing a bomb is something I feel like I’ve always wanted to see and actually getting the chance to see it was wonderful. Is there anything funnier than seeing a sweaty British butler in a three-piece suit diffuse an atomic bomb? No. This sequence was sublime.

Episode Lows:

  • Wilkes is technically a main character but… he doesn’t serve a ton of purpose at the moment. He basically pops up randomly to make googly eyes at Peggy and provide a tidbit of information to get the team into gear.
  • The problem with love triangles like the one between Daniel, Peggy and Violet is that there will never be a winner. All of the characters are wonderful so it sucks to see them be thrust in an awkward situation that isn’t entirely necessary. I mean… c’mon! Did Violet really need to realize Sousa might be in love with Peggy right after they got engaged? Let the girl at least have a week or two of engagement bliss before dropping an atomic bomb on her (see what I did there?)

Additional Thoughts:

  • I’m so, so, so excited to see Dottie returning next week. She’s a total wildcard and I’m psyched to see whatever she’ll be up to.
  • “I haven’t had a day off since Pearl Harbor.” Peggy is basically the definition of a, “workaholic.”

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