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REVIEW: Agent Carter 2×06 “Life of the Party”

This episode of Agent Carter was perhaps my favorite of the season, simply because any interaction between Peggy and Dottie is the best… and this episode had a ton of verbal sparring between the two.

Spoilers ahead!

The central focus for both the A and B stories of, “Life of the Party,” was on… you guessed it: a party.

A fancy fundraising party hosted by Mr. Chadwick to be specific.

While both Peggy and the gang and the Chadwicks make the event a priority, the reasoning behind each group’s interest is drastically different. For the Chadwicks, the party is serving as the secret Council meeting that Calvin organized last episode. While the aspiring senator tells his wife that he’d set up the meeting for her benefit… it’s pretty obvious that something hella dodgy is going on with him… which is saying something considering he’s been dodgier than most people on earth since day one.

Peggy and the gang on the other hand are interested in attending the party to snag some of the Zero Matter that Frost has sucked up, hoping that it might keep Wilkes tethered to the world. Unfortunately, Peggy is still recovering from being impaled last week and is also the last person who would actually receive an invite to such a fancy affair. So, she has a, “terrible idea,” that involves breaking Dottie Underwood out of the SSR’s custody and using the Soviet spy to break into fiesta Chadwick and snipe some of that Zero Matter.

Other than the fact the Dottie really can’t be trusted, she does a solid job at listening to Peggy and completing her assigned mission. But it wouldn’t be an episode of Agent Carter unless something went wrong and that, “something,” comes in the form of Whitney Frost.

Unsurprisingly, the secret Council meeting that Calvin claimed to have organized for his wife’s benefit was actually a trap meant to subdue and kill her. As it turns out, Whitney wasn’t all that happy by the turn of events and revealed in the worst way possible that her powers no longer need skin to skin contact to be effective. She takes out a few of the Council members, including her husband, before declaring herself the new head.

Dottie is witness to the entire show, getting a first hand look at Frost’s new abilities, but gets made by Thompson and some other agents before she can escape the venue, getting knocked out with a solid punch… and waking up in a trunk to the looming face of Whitney Frost.

This entire episode was hilarious, again, because Dottie Underwood is the only person that can truly go toe-to-toe against Peggy and her gang. She does things for the fun of it, following anything that sparks her interest or piques her curiosity, and throws a million sarcastic quips along the way. This episode really put Dottie in her element, allowing her to utilize her rather impressive skill set in a manner that made it seem as though she could complete any mission with her eyes closed and every limb tied behind her back.


It was particularly amusing watching Dottie and Jarvis go undercover, seeing as they’re complete opposites, both in personality and in mission skill sets. Where Jarvis flounders and waits for Peggy’s commands in his ear, Dottie takes charge and makes it clear that, electric collar or no, she only really listens to herself.

Agent Carter has always been a show about strong women, and this episode only further confirmed that fact by ensuring that Peggy, Dottie, Frost, and even Ana Jarvis got to show off their many capabilities.

Episode Grade: A

Episode Highs:

  • Dottie Underwood. That is all.
  • “The decadence in this place is truly repulsive.” Dottie’s disgusted take on the admittedly ridiculous Chadwick party.

Episode Lows:

  • I’ve seen Frost kill a good number of people at this point but still don’t buy her as a villain. The Council was a bigger bad than her and now that she is the Council… one can only hope that she might become a bit more sinister.

Additional Thoughts:

  • How ‘bout that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. promo?!?!

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