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REVIEW: Agent Carter 2×07 “Monsters”

I think it’s safe to say that, “Monsters,” had the best line to have ever been uttered in an episode of Agent Carter. The best part is, there were actually so many solid one-liners that such a statement could be made no matter which one I was referring to. And in addition to a stellar script of dialogue, there were some shocking physical moments as well that made, “Monsters,” another solid episode for the show.

Spoilers ahead!

Picking up where the last episode left off, Dottie is locked up in a sketchy basement preparing to be interrogated by Masters. He makes a few attempts at threatening her with a variety of rusty tools and mentions of his breaking of Nazi war criminals, to which she responds with, “I’ve pulled out my own teeth, my own nails, my own hair. I’ve burned my own flesh with a blowtorch. I’m no Nazi harlet and you are wasting my time.”

It was pretty much the best thing ever, made even better by Masters emptying an entire vial of truth serum into Dottie’s blood stream and it having absolutely zero effect on her. Unfortunately, Masters’ inability to get a lick of information out of Dottie paved the way for Frost to get in on the interrogating action and, now that she apparently has full control over her powers, she uses them against Dottie. It’s actually enough to break the trained Widow and Underwood tells Frost all about Wilkes and Peggy’s reason for coming after her.

Frost is more than intrigued by this reveal, enough that she turns on Dottie’s tracker in the hopes of luring Peggy to the building she’s being held in.

The plan works in the sense that it gets Peggy and Jarvis there… but they’re both fully aware that it’s a trap. The two Brits get tied up with Dottie but manage to untie themselves and escape thanks to a Stark device that Jarvis had the forethought to bring along. Unfortunately… the ease of their escape, and Dottie’s admittance that it was Frost she talked to, makes Peggy and Jarvis quickly realize that the trap wasn’t actually set for them.

It was set for Wilkes, and by proxy Ana, who are sitting alone and defenseless at Stark’s mansion.

Frost snoops around Stark’s basement to find Wilkes and try to convince him to leave with her and try to investigate Zero Matter and figure out how to control it. Naturally, Wilkes is aware that Frost is bat-sh!t crazy and not so politely declines her offer. Not happy with the response, Frost has her lacky knock Wilkes out and carry him out to the car… where Ana Jarvis appears and demands that the villains let the good doctor go.

Rather than do that, Frost shoots Mrs. Jarvis and drives away just as her husband and Peggy pull up to the house. While Jarvis and Peggy rush to the hospital, poor Sousa gets jumped and beat up by a group of faceless thugs, replaced by Masters as Chief of the SSR, and Dottie Underwood escapes from the car trunk that Peggy had put her in.

It was one helluvan eventful episode, closing with Peggy and Jarvis sitting silently in the hospital while Ana is in surgery.

“Monsters,” was an episode that did a solid job at actually furthering the plot of the series rather than just the episode. Agent Carter in general is a show whose pace is a bit slower than most, taking the time to get into episodic detail, but seems to always get a jumpstart right around the midseason mark. It happened in season 1 and it’s happened again this year as the characters and series’ mystery were injected with a burst of adrenaline.

The episodes are now ending with cliffhangers and events that are actually sparking excitement for the following week’s show, rather than tying things up in a bow and letting people forget about Agent Carter until 8:59 Tuesday night. The informative parts of the episodes, always consistent, now seem to be appropriately balanced with a fair bit of action, amping up the excitement and clearly paving the way for an explosive finale.

Episode Grade: B

Episode Highs:

  • Masters failing at getting any information from Dottie was a delight to witness.
  • The frankly hilarious conversation that Peggy and Jarvis have about her love life on the way to the trap was so amusing and simultaneously touching. The jokes and banter between Jarvis and Peggy is always fun to watch, but it’s the moments where they can confide in each other and be truly open and trusting that make their relationship so wonderful.


Episode Lows:

  • I don’t know why but all of the stuff with Wilkes was really boring this week. It’s likely a personal bias but I kept wishing the camera would cut back to the more entertaining Dottie whenever Wilkes began yammering on about the Zero Matter.

Additional Thoughts:

  • Wilkes and Frost are both geniuses so… do you think that them working together to figure out the Zero Matter might not actually be a terrible thing?

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