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REVIEW: Agent Carter 2×08 “The Edge of Mystery”

Jarvis is so often used as comic relief, portrayed as Peggy’s bumbling sidekick, that we often forget how outstanding James D’Arcy is as a dramatic actor (umm, hello Broadchurch). This week’s Agent Carter was absolutely an episode that put the spotlight on Jarvis and gave D’arcy a chance to remind us that he can pretty much crush our souls with a few teary promises. 

Spoilers ahead!

Still reeling from Ana Jarvis being shot by Frost, Peggy and the rest of the gang grow more motivated than ever to bring the villain down before she can harm anyone else. The best way to stop her? By giving her exactly what she wants… or at least pretending to. Peggy and Sousa devise a plan to exchange a set of faux Uranium vials for Wilkes and it all goes according to plan until one of Frost’s lackeys develops butterfingers and drops said, “Uranium.”

Naturally, when nothing blows up, Frost realizes that she’s been tricked and a 1940’s car chase ensues. It seems as though Peggy and the gang are in the clear until Wilkes pulls a gun on his lady love and demands that she tell him where the real Uranium is.

Well that’s one way to put an end to a love triangle.

As it turns out, Wilkes’ brief time with Frost allowed him to garner some semblance of control over the Zero Matter in his system and boy is he jonesing for some more now. The plan that he and Frost come up with involves using the Uranium to reopen that Zero Matter portal that we first saw in the old Isodyne footage. Open the portal they do and, while Wilkes slowly gets sucked into it, Frost is left on the ground screaming, “What about me?!”

Peggy and the gang arrive just too late to stop the wormhole from opening but just early enough to use Stark’s fancy new gamma canon to shut the whole thing down. I guess gamma rays counteract Zero Matter? Regardless, the good news is that nobody turned into a green monster in the process. While Sousa and Thompson were taking care of the Zero Matter matter, Jarvis was going after Frost with the intention to kill her. He does manage to get a bullet in her before Peggy can stop him, but it barely phases Frost since her body is like… 90% Zero Matter at this point.

The episode closes with Peggy and Jarvis getting knocked out by Frost’s men and thrown in a truck… where they’ll no doubt have a bumpy ride.

This episode really served as a lead-in for its successor, setting up the second hour with a slew of problems that Peggy and the gang will really have to work to solve.

As mentioned, the standout of, “The Edge of Mystery,” was Jarvis, whose grief in the first half of the episode transformed into a deep-seeded rage in the latter half after he’s informed that, despite surviving, Ana will be unable to have children. Watching his progression was like watching a train wreck because we all knew that he’d likely reach a point of no return. His attempt at murdering Frost in cold-blood was the clear breaking point, both for him as a person and for his relationship with Peggy.

“The Edge of Mystery,” was a fine episode of Agent Carter that served as a good lead-in for the second ep of the night, but likely wouldn’t have been quite as enthralling were it a standalone. There were a few decent one liners, and some truly wonderful character development, but, “The Edge of Mystery,” was clearly an episode of television meant to boost another.

Episode Grade: B-

Episode Highs:

  • Gangster Grandma not giving Peggy a plate of spaghetti was absolutely hilarious.
  • James D’Arcy absolutely crushed this episode. We finally got to see Jarvis as something other than the bumbling, British, sidekick and the emotional range that D’Arcy brought out this week was an incredible thing to watch.

Episode Lows:

  • A decent amount happened but the pacing felt a bit slow

Additional Thoughts:

  • What honestly was the point of Violet this season? Just to kind of, temporarily, cause issues for the burgeoning Peggy/Daniel relationship? She was dissed and dismissed so fast I forgot she existed at all.

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