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REVIEW: Agent Carter 2×09 “A Little Song and Dance”

I need to preface this review by saying I hate musical numbers. I have no idea why but for one reason or another they make me supremely uncomfortable. Having said that, the opening sequence of, “A Little Song and Dance,” was actually pretty spectacular.

Totally out of place and mostly irrelevant?


But one could also argue that a random, X minute song and dance number couldn’t be more perfect for a show like Agent Carter.

Agent Carter is a show that is already somewhat ridiculous, simply because it’s essentially multiple genre shows all rolled into one. So throwing in a musical number seemed like a totally acceptable thing to do!

Spoilers ahead!


The little musical number was really just a dream that Peggy had while unconscious in the truck that Frost and her men threw her in at the close of last episode. Despite some verbal sparring with Jarvis, during which she calls him out for trying to murder someone in cold blood, Peggy manages to find a way out of the truck and, by proxy, out of their latest predicament.

While Peggy does a marvelous job of escaping the truck, escaping the desert is far more difficult… made more so by a complaining Jarvis who blames Peggy for their misfortune. Jarvis makes the absolute lowest of blows by telling Peggy, “Everyone around you dies,” which prompts her to tearily inform him that he has begged her to include him on her adventures and has no idea what loss truly feels like. It’s enough for Jarvis to inform her of Ana’s inability to have children and the two exchange teary apologies.

While Peggy and Jarvis are trekking through the desert, Thompson, Sousa, and Samberly are springing a trap for Masters by convincing him to work with them and use the gamma canon to take out Frost. Only problem? Thompson also goes to Frost (behind the rest of the gang’s back) and convinces her let him help use the canon on Masters in exchange for a seat on the Council. But actually, Thompson went around everyone’s back and convinced Samberly to turn the canon into a bomb, meant to go off and kill Wilkes, Masters, and Frost once Jack was in the clear.

But of course, Peggy and Sousa figured out Thompson’s (actually quite good idea) and, for one reason or another, decided to stop him before he could follow through with it. I guess killing people is wrong, and bringing the bad guys in rather than taking them out is the honorable thing to do, but man all of the problems really could’ve been solved with Thompson’s plan.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter much because the bomb never explodes.

What does explode is Wilkes, who walks into the room containing Frost, Masters, and the bomb, and bursts in a mini explosion of Zero Matter.

“A Little Song and Dance,” was a relatively decent penultimate episode for Agent Carter’s sophomore season. There was a fair bit of action, and certainly some poignant moments that served as some of the best bits of acting this season, but it still seemed a bit slow for an episode leading into the finale.

The best part of the episode was the opening sequence, which was entirely irrelevant and mostly pointless. But it was fun and energetic, something that can’t really be said for the remainder of the episode. Again, there were certainly moments of humor and adrenaline throughout the episode, but, as a whole, “A Little Song and Dance,” felt somewhat stagnant.

My issue with this season of Agent Carter is that we’ve reached the finale and I feel as though no progression has been made. We’re essentially at the same point we were at by the close of the second episode and, save for a few minor twists and turns along the way, all of the characters are right where they were, doing the same things they were, at the start of the season.

I can only hope that the finale ties everything together without forcing us to sit through 38 minutes of the same thing before it does.

Episode Grade: B-

Episode Highs:

  • The poignant scene between Peggy and Jarvis in the desert was a long time coming. The two have experienced so much together that it’s no surprise that it all came to a head in this episode. Ana’s comment to Jarvis, “Who does Peggy have? Only you,” is one that was entirely confirmed through this episode because, even at their lowest point, they end up sticking together.
  • ANGIE!!!!!

Episode Lows:

  • Okay, since this was the penultimate episode and there’s no chance the season’s real big bad will pop up in the finale… I guess I finally have to admit that the villain really is Whitney Frost. BUT SHE STILL DOESN’T FEEL LIKE AN ACTUAL THREAT TO ME. I could be delusional but, to me, it still just feels like a woefully insecure woman who’s fueled by a desire to have some air of control.
  • Thompson was actually somewhat intelligent this episode but still just kind of the I guess his schtick is being completely useless until the last few episodes, randomly having a moment of clarity, and then trying to actually lead the missions?

Additional Thoughts:

  • Would you have let Thompson go through with his plan?
  • Why did they wait so long to give Rose and Samberly more screen time? They’re the bomb!

What did you think of, “A Little Song and Dance”? Are you sad that Agent Carter is coming to a close next week or thankful that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be returning? Sound off on Twitter or in the comments below!

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