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REVIEW: iZombie 2×11 “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter”

After leaving off on true high note, iZombie returns from its second winter break with hefty case of the hot-and-bothered’s. A slow start back into the swing of things though we do get a bit of Cool Hand Blaine being the sly behind-the-scenes, puppeteer pulling on the threads of the interconnected underground. Both the criminal underground and of those whom have risen from it.

Other than that, this episode, birthed from the wet-dream collaboration of a pimply faced teenage boy with a great broadband connection and the middle-aged, independent divorcee that shrugged and said maybe swinging wouldn’t be so bad after all is a tough swallow. The obvious, Rose McIver is an incredibly beautiful actress and brings the cutesy girl-next-door cherub to Liv Moore‘s character, so yes we all enjoy the over the top high powered sexual energy she is prominently firing off in every scene. And yes, the show is sort of lampooning the midwife erotica that has been oh so popular lately even though they have the narrative quality of a brick; the lampooning, however, is not ridiculous or clever enough to be “ah-ha” funny, and it is just tedious enough that gets tired real quick.

As an episode so heavy with sight gags based on the gorgeous set of actors and actresses and the purposely on the head innuendos, I didn’t find the majority of dialogue and interaction which are the usual highlights over the light action pieces and weekly story, engaging in the least.


The main story of who poisoned the horny librarian is boring; there’s literally a faceless “witness” that hands Clive and Liv a pinpoint on where to look for a killer. Whence there, it’s hop-no skip at all-and a jump to show that it was really her disturbed husband. Presumably it was tossed to the side to make room for the biggest blip for some time in the overarching story: Clive and FBI Agent Dale Bozzio (lovers) have what they believe to be a case against Blaine for the massacre at Meat Cute and the disappearance of several of the functioning undead around Seattle–Blaine’s own father Anges (real last name McDonagh) being one of them.

Blaine and Peyton’s little fling; we knew that he probably had ulterior motives for making moves on Seattle’s all-star attorney, even though there was probably less thought needed to jumping into bed, this was really the only thing to extract from this episode. This I believe is the push towards the end that, so far this season, seems to never have come. It is the “hear is our bad guy and soon we will stop him” moment. And I feel like I have said this multiple times over the reviews–incorrectly, apparently–that “X” would be a catalyst moment for the rest of the season you wait, but with the network issues and whether the show was getting a third season or even a full second season order, surely the writers and producers were thrown for a mad scramble. But the last two previous episodes have focus even if one or two have lacked in other areas.

Taking into account the additional, this episode was just flat out boring. It could have been a fifteen minute special presentation on either the network or online only to tide the fans over for another week or two while they really pushed production to finish strong. As someone who enjoys this show and believes like pizza, there’s no truly bad episode, this was one slice I’d let burn.

Final Grade: D

+ Look, Rose McIver is hot. Watch her do just that

+ All three-ish minutes of Ravi’s screentime

+ Blaine is shaping to fill the bad boy shoes once again

– Boring, lazy main story

– Not as funny as they probably thought they were being

– We agreed to an extra week and got this…

Extra Thoughts:

– Now that Peyton has been thrown into the main story arc head first, for god’s sake do not let her go off for two episodes like half the cast has been doing, it creates such a disjointed feel that maybe this season would be better if someone just took the eventual final product and made a supercut out of it. There was little to take out of this episode except that Peyton–one of the weakest of the main characters–is now the epicenter of a big “boo-boo” and all that can spiral out from there. And there’s that Drake fella that is one dimensional enough to do one of two things, betray Liv or betray Blaine. At least the preview for next week looked good.

Let me know if I was a bit harsh this week in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter.

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