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REVIEW: Legends of Tomorrow 1×03 “Blood Ties”

Alright, time to settle into a groove and get the hell out of the 70’s as Legends of Tomorrow finally is moving outside of what could easily be considered a three part pilot. “Blood Ties” doesn’t really do anything to spectacular, but it does finally give us what we desperately needed Vandal being a fun villain and Rip proving he is a capable team member. Both were sorely lacking from the first two episode’s as the team was so desperate to find a go with the flow momentum that they ended up putting themselves at a major disadvantage. Now it seems as if we are moving into the meat and potatoes of the story rather than the simplistic team building we have been fighting with for so long. Everyone seems to have their relationships down and understood now, so I am actually looking forward to what and who comes next on the show.

So, Rip actually got to be the A plot this week and it seems as if it worked out extremely well for everyone involved. We learned that this was not Rip’s first attempt at going after Savage and the Savage and his followers hold a wonderful grudge against him for trying to kill their “god”. While knowing that Savage was responsible for the death of Rip’s family it is so much better that Rip was possibly the cause of the entire incident, and that his actions have forced him into this crusade. It shows just how far he is willing to go in order to make sure that the team knows exactly what this mission means to him. This does of course raise questions as to just how much of the mission is Rip actually telling the team about and why exactly are they so focused on this time period. Rip clearly has to have more options of when to attack Savage as Boardman’s research was focused on the past and not the future.

As for Savage, he was definitely way more fun this week and interesting than he has been in past weeks’. However, he is coming off more as a beard stroking maniacal villain rather than an immortal force of nature. Take for example the weird cult Savage has surround him tonight. They are all given Carter’s blood which can apparently prolong life, and if that is the case why doesn’t Savage just surround himself with more “immortals” and start his crusade. It baffles me how it has taken Savage so long to become a war profiteer and become the brutal despot we know he will be in the future. It is all well and good to see him not have started his conquest yet, but there has to be some better reasoning for him to start trying to conquer the world other than he simply got bored with his groupies one day. I just want to see Savage be Savage rather than what he is now which is pretty soft.

Where our villain happens to be more on the soft side, all of our heroes happen to be jelling together quite well. This week had some interesting mix ups in the team dynamics as Ray and Stein were forced to work together and Jax got coerced to help Snart and Mick. Of the pairings Snart’s was the more emotionally resonate as we saw him steal an emerald in an attempt to keep his father out of prison and in turn not beat up his children. Wentworth Miller did great things both in his confrontation with Louis and his chat with his childhood self that helped to show just how versatile of a character Snart really is. From watching Louis screw up you can see how Leo decided the basis for his code and why everything has to be to a T. It is particularly strong that Snart’s prime motivation has been a constant, the safety of Lisa. At the end of the day Snart doesn’t care if he ends up as the villain, but he does care for Lisa and wants to do everything in his power to make his sister happy. It is sweet in a solid sociopathic way.

As for Ray, I was happy he has become aware of the “screw up” counter the internet has been keeping, but I am even happier that he is becoming way more confident in using his super suit. Watching Stein be the voice to motivate Ray was a strong bonding moment since they seem to have the most unresolved issues in their relationship. At the same time I was bugged that Stein was still partially being an arrogant and condescending person, despite having seen that that tends to screw stuff up in the end. The team needs to understand that the cohesion that surrounds them is more often than not very fragile, but also that they need to put their egos aside and focus on the mission. Hopefully now that all of the team building has been dealt with we will be able to actually see the team function as a team.

Overall it was another strong showing just need to hammer out the kinks as we head to the 80’s

Final Grade B

+Savage was a little better this week

+Rip/ Savage dynamic

+Snart story.

-Savage not wanting to rule the world yet

-Why the team didn’t take Carter’s body in the first place is beyond me

Extra Thoughts

-So, we aren’t going to talk about how Snart and Rip screwed their own timelines and possibly jeopardized the mission. K

-Jax really didn’t have a lot to do, although somehow he managed to understand the manual and drive the spaceship.

-Mick’s comment on the whole “Eyes Wide Shut” scenario has moved him slightly behind Sara for best character so far. Sara kicked a ton of ass this week but did not get inebriated, I will miss that trend.

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