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REVIEW: Lucifer 1×02 “Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil”

Ok, I think I get this show now. It’s a redemption story, not one of Lucifer doing Lucifer-ish things and rolling with the punches. You know what that might actually be fine to see play out if done right and maybe, just maybe they will actually let some of the better elements play, but for the time being this show is only decent. “Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil” is a worthy enough follow up to the previous episode and manages to work on one of the larger problems the series was facing, having uninspired side characters. At least now I feel like that wont entirely be a problem moving forward, but man are there some major issues with this whole case of the week, needing to be a detective bullshit. You clearly have a better show and I really for the life of me can’t understand why we are only getting the opportunity to look at the world through this small and unimportant lens.

So, let’s start off with the quality, Lucifer as a character is still worthy of watching and really manages to do some compelling things despite the events taking place around him. One of the earlier issues that I had with his character is that you never really felt like Lucifer was a threat or an all powerful force. Rather he was simply playing with his toys until he got bored and decided to move onto something else that was infinitely more enticing. Tonight however, we actually got to see Lucifer have some anger and pain, especially in the moment where he felt like he had lost Maze’s loyalty. Watching him mess around with Josh and Nick was cool and all, but seeing exactly what Maze sees in our hero turned the entire episode on its head. At some point Lucifer will do something that will utterly destroy those around him, it is just a matter of time until all of the right buttons are pressed to make him go full devil.

Another boost to the episode was the fact that a lot of the side characters actually became interesting. Maze is just dangerous enough to warrant our attention and just crazy enough to not be trusted that she has Lucifer’s best in mind. Amenadiel still manages to be the most interesting of the side characters and I truly loved how his final interaction with Lucifer played out. It was a beautiful moment where he thought he had actually won and gotten one over on Lucifer only to have been played by his brother once again. There is clearly some sort of deeper reasoning as to why Amenadiel thinks he stands a chance at persuading Lucifer to go back, but I just can’t quite see why he is so confident yet. The big stand out this week however was Chloe who went from being one note and gaining a few more. Fleshing out her backstory and having her come clean to her kid added a ton of material I really wasn’t expecting for a while. Now my only hope is that this all goes somewhere.

Unfortunately the biggest element of this show is also the biggest detractor as we are forced to deal with a pretty shitty case of the week. It was easy to figure out and our villain was just creepy for creepy sake. There was no depth or deeper meaning behind his actions, he was simply a straight up psychopath and that is super depressing. A case is only as good as its villain and the show seems to be really struggling with that fact as well as the idea that anyone could possibly bring any actual conflict into Lucifer’s life. Hopefully next week will actually bring a case that is interesting, because as of right now the only reason to watch the show is the actual B plot happening behind the case.

Overall it’s worth watching, but it is struggling to make you care about what the writers deem to be important.

Final Grade C-

+Lucifer is still super fun

+Side characters got some fleshing out

-Dear god why is this a procedural

-Humor was lacking

-Chloe being dense to the fact Lucifer is indeed the devil

Extra Thoughts

-So Lucifer didn’t kill Jimmy. Huh, thats going to bite him in the ass.

-No point to Dan at all I guess, hopefully he gets fleshed out soon as well.

-Lucifer explaining an “Eiffel Tower” to Chloe while her daughter is in the next room is perhaps the best part of this entire episode.

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