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REVIEW: Supergirl 1×12 “Bizarro”

Here we have another installment of Supergirl that was rather mediocre. Tonight’s episode, “Bizarro”, had promise, but I didn’t get sucked in like I thought I would. What exactly was it that made this episode so… less-than-satisfying? (spoilers ahead!)

As we discovered a few weeks ago, Maxwell Lord has found out that Supergirl is Kara Danvers, meaning he now has leverage over the heroine and her sister Alex. Along with this revelation, he has also obtained a sliver of her DNA, which he has used to create a clone of Supergirl. This clone (dubbed “Bizarro” by Cat Grant) is responsible for wreaking havoc around National City as an effort to tarnish SG’s name.

Melissa Benoist was up for a challenge this week as she had to portray both her regular character and the evil clone. Bizarro isn’t exactly a very difficult role to portray, but I think Benoist deserves credit for her ability to carry two opposing characters. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of Bizarro – she’s essentially the anti-Supergirl. She may have the same look as our favorite Woman of Steel, but her powers are on the opposite side of the spectrum. Instead of freeze breath, Bizarro has fire breath; instead of heat beam eyes, she has freeze beam eyes. And so on…

There’s also the matter of Bizarro’s weird speech patterns (as Kara puts it: she speaks like Cookie Monster). Who would’ve thought that someone who talks in such odd fragments could actually convey some complex emotions? Again, I gotta show some love for Benoist.

After several clashes, the DEO discovers that the best way to defeat Bizarro is with a synthetic form of Kryptonite. Unfortunately, the first attempt at taking down the clone is unsuccessful, and the DEO does nothing more than botch her face up. Needless to say, Bizarro isn’t too happy with her new image.

I liked the makeup effects of Bizarro after we saw her new face; she looks like a porcelain doll that got stuck in a wood-chipper. And we can’t forget those creepy black eyes. I actually got the chills the first time we saw her face up close. It was like something out of X-Files. Although she didn’t look EXACTLY like the type of Bizarro we saw in the classic DC comics and cartoons (which reminded me more of Frankenstein’s monster), I still kinda appreciated how the show portrayed her.

I was disappointed at the finale of the Bizarro saga. The clone captures James Olsen after figuring out that Kara loves him (something about how they share the same DNA and thus share the same feelings), and holds him hostage in an abandoned warehouse. James admits his love for SG in an attempt to appeal to Bizarro’s more compassionate side, but it doesn’t work, and she nearly ends up frying him. Luckily, Supergirl and Alex arrive to save the day. Bizarro is defeated, but not before she has a heart-to-heart with SG. In the end, Kara realizes that Bizarro wasn’t necessarily evil; she was just a victim.

This leads back to Maxwell, who practically already admitted to Alex that he created the clone. Alex and the DEO arrest Maxwell, despite the fact that the department doesn’t have the legal authority AND Maxwell threatened to reveal Supergirl’s identity to the world. This doesn’t stop Alex from throwing him in an underground cell and promising him that he won’t ever escape.

We can all guess what happens next, right? It’s obvious Maxwell is going to get out. They won’t make it THAT easy to defeat him. He’ll probably spend an episode or two in the cell before he finds a way to convince the DEO to release him, but he won’t reveal Supergirl’s identity for some reason. It’s an easy-to-follow formula. Oh, and I still think he and Alex will have carnal relations.

The episode would’ve been fine with just the Bizarro storyline, but we also had to suffer through a tedious romantic subplot involving Cat’s son Adam and Kara. Throughout the episode, the two try to go on several dates, but Kara keeps getting called away for superhero business. In the end, they decide to break up (even though they weren’t officially dating), and Adam leaves National City. I’m glad. I didn’t see the point of Adam even being on the show aside from giving us a glimpse into Cat’s personal life. We don’t need anymore unnecessary romance.

Most of the love subplots tend to slow the entire show down, and I wish they were just sprinkled in sparingly. Unfortunately, with Greg Berlanti, that seems unlikely. I hope that the rest of the Supergirl season eases up on the romance and gives us more of what we want: single character development, great action, and more awesome villains!

Final Grade: B –

+ Melissa Benoist did a great job in the dual role.

+ I’m glad they finally captured Maxwell before it was too late; kudos to Alex Danvers for being a complete boss.

+ Bizarro was creepy as hell.

– Benoist portrayed Bizarro well, but I’m not 100% on-board with the way they showed the character overall.

– I wasn’t a fan of the Adam/Kara story arc; it almost felt like pure filler.

– Ugh – again with the forced romances…

Extra Thoughts:

– My guess for next episode: Kara will be severely injured and the only person who can help her is Maxwell. He’ll offer to save her life in exchange for his release from the DEO prison.

What were your thoughts on the latest episode of Supergirl? Did you enjoy the Bizarro vs. Supergirl fight? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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