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REVIEW: Supergirl 1×13 “For the Girl Who Has Everything”


Glad we had another kick-ass episode of Supergirl this week! The past couple of installments have been a bit on the slightly-better-than-average side, so I wasn’t too thrilled for tonight. However, “For the Girl Who Has Everything” turned out to be pretty damn good! (spoilers ahead!)

Last week’s episode concluded with the Black Mercy attacking Kara. Quick DC lesson: Black Mercy is an alien plant that induces pleasant dreams in a host once it latches onto them. For Kara, that pleasant dream is of her life back on Krypton. A solid two-thirds of the episode features Kara hanging out with her parents and her little cousin, Kal-El.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 9.14.16 PM

Yep. That’s the kid who’s going to grow up to become the one and only Superman. He didn’t do much the entire episode, but he definitely looks like a mini Clark Kent. They even got the hair right! It’s those small details that really matter.

While Kara is in her little dream world, Alex informs Henshaw that someone has to cover for her at CatCo or else she’ll get fired. Lucky for them, Henshaw has shapeshifting abilities, so he tacks on the glasses and high heels and strolls into the building in full Kara mode. Last week, we saw Melissa Benoist tackle a dual role as both Kara and Bizarro. This week, she had to play Kara AND Henshaw as Kara. Think about it for a moment: Benoist had to play Henshaw who was trying to play herself. That takes crazy acting skills. It’d be like if you were trying to imitate someone who was trying to imitate you. I thought these scenes were hilarious, and I’m happy to see that we’re not focusing too much on Cat Grant this week (bless Calista Flockhart, but I don’t want the show to focus entirely on her).

The DEO eventually learns that they have to get into Kara’s mind to rescue her from the dream world. The only person who has that technology is, yep, you guessed it, Maxwell Lord. I so called it last week. I knew he was going to end up helping them in return for a get-out-of-jail-free card. So far, we don’t know if they’re definitely going to let him go just yet, but I’m convinced that he’s on his way out the door by next episode.

Alex goes into Kara’s mind to rescue her sister. Prior to this, Alex explains to James how Henshaw will pull her out of the dream world if he senses she’s in danger, so she asks James to stop him. Yeah, James is going to stop the Martian Manhunter. That’ll DEFINITELY work out.

There’s an emotional and heart-felt scene where Alex confronts Kara, but her sister no longer recognizes her because she’s been in the dream state for so long. Alex breaks down and tells her just enough to jog her memory and remind her of who she is on planet Earth.

The scene got a little awkward as a pair of Kryptonian security guards try to restrain Alex. She’s going on this long-winded speech and the guards are doing nothing about it. You’d think someone would’ve knocked her on the back of the head or at least dragged her out of the room. It turned out to be a slightly awkward scene, but it didn’t hamper the impact behind the Alex/Kara bonding moment.

The two escape the dream world, and the Black Mercy shrivels up and dies. One thing that bothered me: the Black Mercy slithers off Kara’s body and absolutely NOBODY in the room reacts. They just let it slide away before it shrivels up. You’d think at least one person would step on it or shoot it or something.

Kara isn’t happy about what happened, especially when she finds out that it was orchestrated by Non. Supergirl and the DEO go out to confront Non, Astra, and the rest of the Kryptonians for a big showdown. While Supergirl beats the crap out of Non, Astra faces off against Alex and Henshaw (in full Martian form). I was unhappy that Astra was able to kick the Martian Manhunter’s ass so easily. He’s supposed to be a major bad-ass who can withstand some of the most brutal enemies in all of DC. He gets the crap kicked out of him in seconds. Alex uses a brief moment of distraction to stab Astra in the back with a Kryptonite blade, making me wonder if Henshaw purposely lost the fight to divert her attention.

Henshaw takes the fall for Alex and tells Kara that he was the one who killed Astra. There’s no way this will stay a secret. I can guarantee that Kara will find out by the end of the season, and she won’t be happy about it.

Overall, the episode was outstanding, even if it had the minor downfalls such as Henshaw’s fighting abilities and the awkwardness of Alex’s capture in dream-Krypton. This goes to show that as long as Supergirl remains focuses on its titular character while sprinkling in a little bit of development in everyone else, it can continue to deliver fantastic episodes.

Final Grade: A –

+ Great acting from Benoist; that’s two weeks in a row where she had to portray different types of characters in addition to her usual role.

+ Fantastic performances from everyone involved.

+ Young Kal-El!

– I’m a little disappointed that Henshaw was so easily defeated by Astra, unless that was done intentionally.

– The scene with Alex telling Kara about her life on Earth was well-acted, but what was the point of the guards? They just held her back so she could give her speech; couldn’t they drag her out of there or conk her on the head sooner?

– Astra’s death was slightly anti-climactic for me.

Extra Thoughts:

– So I totally called Maxwell being recruited to help Kara in exchange for a lighter sentence. My new theory: Alex will reveal to Kara that she killed Astra, which will cause them to drift apart, thus leading to Alex sleeping with Maxwell. Dammit – I’m positive they’re going to end up together!

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Supergirl? Were you shocked by Astra’s death? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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