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10 Marvel Shows We Want to See Netflix Produce

Let’s be honest. You’re not reading this, are you? ARE YOU? No. No you are not. Do you know what you are doing? You’re watching Daredevil season 2 right now. Because you’re a good little geek who has their priorities straight. But seeing as DD has finally graced out screens again, not too long after Jessica Jones finished, it makes me think that Marvel might be cranking out Netflix series at a more speedy rate. Which is a concept I 100% support.

In fact, the head of Marvel TV, Jeph Loeb, recently said that they are working on nine or ten television series. Now, this could be all the Netflix series plus Agent Carter and whatnot. But being that I am a hyper fan, I’m going to leap to conclusions and assume that Marvel are going to be making ten more Netflix series. Because evidence and logic mean NOTHING TO ME!!!

So lets rundown the ten Marvel/Netflix shows we’d most like to see. And by “we” I mean “me”. Because my opinion is the only one that matters.


DISCLAIMER! This list is… actually, do I need a disclaimer here? I already said this was my own opinion. And I made it clear that I have no concern for other people’s thoughts. This seems rather arbitrary. Might as well use this time to say anything I like without consequences. Ummmm… if Disney actually makes another Indiana Jones movie, I’ll carpet bomb The Magic Kingdom? There, that seems about right.  

10. Gravity


Remember this guy? He was like, one of the more interesting new characters Marvel had ever done. No? Fine, just me then. Seriously though, he was one of the few characters outside of Spider-Man that examined the pitfalls of being a superhero. And it was a pretty good take on the idea.

Hailing from Wisconsin, Greg Willis inexplicably gained gravity powers and, upon moving to New York for college, decided to become a superhero. Because “why not”? Turns out there’s a lot of reasons why not. He makes a lot of mistakes and nearly loses the few friends he has. But it’s worth it when innocent people’s lives are one the line! And then he got booted to the Great Lakes Avengers and everybody except me forgot about him. So sad.


9. White Tiger


Blimey! There have been like five different people that have been the White Tiger! Still, he… I mean she… I mean he again… I don’t know, let’s just start at the beginning. Hector Ayala, a Puerto Rican student at ESU, finds three mystical tiger amulets (which originate from K’un-L’un, the same place as Iron Fist’s powers!), which give him superpowers. He uses these to open an artisan bakery in Greenwich Villa- I’m just kidding, he becomes a superhero. Obvs.

Other White Tigers included a weird tiger lady created by the High Evolutionary, a Black Panther rip off, Hectors niece, and finally Hector’s little sister. That last version is currently a character on Ultimate Spider-Man, a television show I would like to push slowly through a meat grinder. Face first.


8. Punisher


I KNOW! I know that Netflix has already green lit a Punisher series. But c’mon! I’ve got to do ten of these without any X-Men! I’m desperate! But we can all agree that a Punisher series is long overdue. After three movies that range from “passable” to “oh god, please Dolph Lundgren put on some trousers!”, we deserve something high quality.

And seeing as he’ll be first appearing in Daredevil season 2, a standalone series could hit the ground running and get right to all the Punishy goodness. As long as he doesn’t sit naked in the sewer this time. *Shudders*.


7. Moon Knight


I’ve talked about Moon Knight getting his own series before. And yet, I hear nothing about it from Marvel! It’s like their chief execs don’t read my articles with a fevered passion or something?!? But I maintain that ol’ Moony would be perfect for a Netflix series.

If Jessica Jones taught us anything, it’s that psychologically scarred superheroes are interesting. And Moon Knight is one of the more screwed up heroes of the Marvel universe. He suffers from multiple personality syndrome, or dissociative identity disorder. Yeah. And yet, all we got in terms of a television series was a throwaway line in Blade: The Series. Speaking of…


6. Blade


Just keep Wesley Snipes well away from this one and we’ll be golden like a vampire in the midday sun. As in, on fire. I don’t want to go back to a time when Snipe communicated via post it notes and made everybody address him as Blade off camera as well as on. Seriously, Snipes went cray-cray near the end.

Recently, he said he was in talks with Marvel to make more Blade movies. I think he might be better served on the small screen. But honestly, I’d be fine either way as long as Wesley Snipes had NO PART IN IT WHATSOEVER! They made a vampire dog! A VAMPIRE DOG!

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