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6 More Characters We’d Like to See in Daredevil

We’re all anxiously waiting to see the Punisher and Elektra in Season 2 of Daredevil. We’ve been speculating hopefully about Bullseye’s appearance since the series was announced. But those characters are just a small fraction of the characters that have left a mark on the Man Without Fear. With Jessica Jones introducing minor heroes and villains like Hellcat and Nuke, will Daredevil follow suit? Which characters should they bring in?

6. Dakota North

Dakota North

Matt, Foggy, and Karen make a great team using the law to defend Hell’s Kitchen. However, they could use some help with the detective work. If they can’t call Jessica Jones in regularly, then they could hire Dakota North. In the comics, she takes over Alias Investigations for Jessica, and then comes to Nelson and Murdock as an investigator and body guard. She may not have powers, but as a retired CIA agent, she is more than prepared to keep the firm safe while they take on new and more dangerous threats.


5. Maggie Murdock

Maggie Murdock

We know what happened to Matt’s father, and how much of a heartache that was. But, what about his mother? She’s actually alive, and has never left Hell’s Kitchen. While she loved Matt and Jack, she suffered so much from postpartum depression that she ended up running away and becoming homeless. Maggie was saved by nuns, and eventually became one herself. Like Matt, she is deeply committed to fighting injustice and helping those who needs her, regardless of how it affects her. Should she appear in the show, we can expect more heartbreak for Matt, but also some closure on his past.


4. Master Izo

Master Izo

Given the scene in Season 1 between Stick and Stone, plus Elektra having a role in Season 2, this character is almost guaranteed to show up. At one point, he is the leader of the Chaste: the group Stick follows that protects the world from darkness. At another, he is the leader of the Hand: the group that undoes any good from the Chaste. Master Izo is perhaps the first warrior that gained enhanced senses after becoming blind. He is also immortal, and very connected to the same mythology we will see in Iron Fist. Master Izo pulls Daredevil into a fight much bigger than his own battle for Hell’s Kitchen, and may even bring the Defenders together.

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