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6 Reasons Why Agent Carter Should Get a Third Season

The second season of Agent Carter came to a close this March and, as of now, the show’s fate remains up in the air. The ratings weren’t all that great but the content was, which begs the question: will S.H.I.E.L.D.’s original Agent be coming back for a third round? I certainly hope so. Whether it’s in the form of a more condensed season, or in the form of a Netflix revival, I don’t care how Agent Carter returns, I just hope that it does!

Television programs seem to be good, mediocre, or absolutely awful and it’s becoming increasingly disheartening to see shows that I can barely sit through get picked up for multiple seasons while those that are well-structured, thoughtful, and genuinely entertaining are always on the bubble. Agent Carter is one of those, “Good but on-the-bubble,” shows; while there are countless reasons why it should be renewed, six of the big ones can be found below.

6. There’s More Story To Tell

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We all know that Peggy Carter was an integral part in the formation of the modern-day government agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., but in Agent Carter’s timeline, she’s still a mere (albeit spectacular) agent of the SSR. Peggy is a woman who has defied odds time and time again, and, while it has been enormously fun watching her work around her superiors to get the job done, it’ll be even more fun to see her as the superior. What’s so great about Agent Carter is the fact that it allows us to see how Peggy has adjusted to post-war, and post-Captain America, life. There have been ups and downs, mistakes and triumphs, and an interesting look at the trials that Peggy endured immediately following the end of World War II. But audiences know that Peggy has a very long life, appearing in Ant-Man as a more seasoned agent and Captain America: The Winter Soldier as a frail woman suffering from Alzheimer’s, meaning there is an almost endless potential regarding what stories of hers can feasibly be told.

5. About that Cliffhanger…


Who the hell killed Jack Thompson?! And why the hell did they kill him for that mysterious file on one M. Carter? While the mystery of Thompson’s death is certainly intriguing, I’m far more interested in learning what in that redacted file was worth killing for. Though given to Thompson as blackmail on Peggy, and initially presumed to be a file detailing something she’d done during the war, it’s important to note that Peg had a brother… who also served during the war. Could this mystery file actually pertain to the actions of Michael Carter rather then Margaret? It’s certainly something to consider and definitely something that I’d like answered. Peggy’s immediate dismissal when Jack first showed her the file seemed genuine, and I can only imagine what lengths she might go to in order to figure out why Thompson would be murdered for possessing, and knowing what was in, that file. This mystery could make for more of an old school detective genre, and allow Peggy to really show-off her espionage skills.

4. The Perfect Opportunity for an Angie Return


Now that Whitney Frost is out of the picture, Hollywood is in need of a new, fresh-faced, actress. Who better to take on the burden than Peggy’s New York roommate and aspiring actress Angie Martinelli?! While Ana Jarvis was a nice substitute, and took on the “female companion” role nicely, the quirky Angie was certainly missed in Agent Carter’s sophomore season. Can you imagine how excitedly she’d make the transition from rooming in Stark’s unused New York penthouse to rooming in his unused Los Angeles mansion? Perhaps one of the only things that I saw people criticize when the cast of Agent Carter’s second season was announced was the fact that Lyndsy Fonseca wasn’t on the roster. Angie was an absolute fan-favorite in the first season and, now that Jarvis is almost entirely a part of Peggy’s espionage, it might be fun to once again have someone who’s strictly a civilian be brought in on some of the action. I feel like Angie might actually be hilarious to watch as she becomes more involved in Peggy’s work life; honestly, she might make a decent spy in her own right. Actress, remember?

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