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INTERVIEW: Sunny Singh, Creator of PAGES

We recently got to chat with Sunny Singh, the creator of a new independent comic called PAGES. Sunny opened up about his passion to succeed in the comic world, as well as the struggles faced with being an independent comic writer. Through his Kickstarter campaign Sunny hopes to share his work which is both an original and engaging comic series.

AP2HYC: What inspired you to create your very own comic?

Sunny: Just being a fan of the comic book world. Ever since I was a child I remember falling in love with the illustrations in comics. It was like a suped up version of a picture book to me. As I got older the storytelling element became something I really got into. I always wanted to take a crack at it. Once I started daydreaming about my own stories, that’s when I knew I wanted to do it for real one day.

AP2HYC: For people that don’t know, can you explain what your comic is about?

Sunny: PAGES follows five teenagers who are gifted with mystical abilities after each receives a fragment of an extra-dimensional artifact. Set in a world where superpowers are a commonplace, being both celebrated and scientifically understood, these kids are the first to manifest abilities that have no genetic explanation. Our group of youngsters takes advantage of this, operating “off the grid” for personal gain. PAGES #1 chronicles their bizarre awakening, their self-serving initial response, and a tragedy that prompts the group to choose a different path.

Future issues will reveal how each protagonist develops a unique relationship with the super-powered establishment, an organization known as the Hero League. All augmented individuals are required by law to register with the league in order to receive work permits for vocations ranging from crime fighting to manual labour. As a series, PAGES will question what’s at stake when a governmental institution is forced to balance individual liberties with its responsibility to uphold public security.


AP2HYC: If you could compare PAGES with anything else what would it be?

I don’t know if I can compare PAGES to anything. I had one guy on Reddit say it gave him a Power Rangers vibe. I thought that was pretty funny. I never really thought about if PAGES takes a ‘page’ so to speak, from any other stories out there. I think anyone who loves a great Heroes vs Villains story but at the same time a truly different take on the theme, will appreciate PAGES.

AP2HYC: How does PAGES stand out over others?

Sunny: By one look at the cover you can tell we ain’t trying to follow any other story on the market. The epic tale of good vs evil will be told by a diverse group of characters. PAGES follows the story of kids who lived in the projects their whole lives. They don’t have the luxury of worrying about their future when all they are worried about is trying to survive the day. When you throw in the awesome fantasy element of Super Heroes, Alien worlds, and the never ending battle of the government vs. the people. That’s PAGES in a nutshell.

AP2HYC: What was the toughest challenge you were faced with whilst creating the first issue?

I think I’m facing one of those challenges right now. I’m a first time creator. I have no following or network in the indie comic scene to speak of. So building my name from scratch is a huge obstacle I have to overcome in order for my Kickstarter to be successful. I’m proud to say that we have raised over $1,200 in a bit over a week but we still have a long way to go.

Outside of that, I think it was nerves. I was extremely nervous before I launched the Kickstarter campaign. I almost hesitated and didn’t go through with it. But this is my dream. This is what I want to do in my life. So once I got over those initial nerves, I was set.

AP2HYC: What can we expect from future issues of the comic?

Sunny: DEPTH! The world of PAGES is filled with lore, epic confrontations, dramatic moments, and so on. I can’t even begin to express the type of stories we have cooked up for readers. I get excited just by thinking about it! Right now, in the safe, I have around five story arcs outlined. If all goes well with issue #1, buckle up! The ride will only get more exciting from here.

AP2HYC: How far do you plan on taking the comic series?

Sunny: NETFLIX, AMAZON, ONLINE VIDEO STREAMING!! The sky’s the limit! I want PAGES to become an episodic series!  If we are fortunate enough to get through the entire first story arc and if the response is buzzing, I plan on shooting a pilot episode this time next year. Now of course, nothing is set in stone. But I’m serious about it.  In my previous life I had the privilege of meeting and networking with some amazing individuals in the entertainment industry. If I get that far, best believe I will take advantage of that!

AP2HYC: What are you most proud of in creating this comic?

Sunny: I’m proud of the fact that I didn’t allow life to stop me from following my dream. I am an individual who quit his day job of over seven years in the media in order to eventually pursue this passion. I faced all types of obstacles including depression. The past two years after I quit my job was just me bouncing around from place to place. One day I had enough and decided to use every last bit of resources I had left in order to do this.  It’s a gamble and a huge risk. It’s the proverbial Hail Mary.

This Kickstarter may not get the funding. But I never felt more alive and happy in my life. I want to share that same feeling with anyone who thinks life is bullying them. Your dream is attainable no matter what is thrown at you!

AP2HYC: How important is a Kickstarter campaign to an independent comic creator such as yourself?

Sunny: Yo, people be talking about the financial benefits from a successful Kickstarter hard. But for me it’s a lot more than that. As a person who is building a following from scratch, this is my way to draw that type of buzz. The momentum a story like PAGES can capitalize on from a successful Kickstarter could potentially launch the entire series. So to answer your question, EXTREMELY important!

It’s clear to see the passion and drive Sunny has for his comic series to succeed. If you are interested in learning more about his series check out his Kickstarter page.

Does PAGES sound appealing to you? Are you a fan of Independent comics? As always we’d love to hear from you in the comments and on Twitter!

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