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REVIEW: Agent Carter 2×10 “Hollywood Ending”

And just like that, the second (and possibly final?) season of Agent Carter has come to a close.

This season, like every other one on television, had its fair share of ups and downs, but ultimately ended on a high note, with the loose ends being neatly tied up and enough dangling threads left to potentially be explored in the future.

Spoilers ahead!

Despite literally combusting last episode, Wilkes is found alive and well by Peggy and the Chiefs (Sousa and Thompson). His explosion proved to be a positive for him, expelling the Zero Matter from his body, and a serious negative for everyone else since the matter was promptly sucked up by Whitney Frost. This would be an issue even if she weren’t trying to use the Zero Matter to suck up everything on Earth and cause mass destruction but… that actually is what she’s trying to do. She’s spiraling so much trying to reopen the Zero Matter rift that even her gangster boyfriend (who’s unsurprisingly a buddy of Howard Stark) turns to Peggy and the gang to help reel Whitney in.

Obviously reopening a potentially world-destroying rift isn’t something that Peggy and Co. want to happen… but they’re all for opening it, whacking the Zero Matter into it, and then closing it with no harm done. So, while gangster beau distracts Frost, Peggy and Sousa break into her room and photograph all of the inventions that she’s been obsessively writing on the walls (writing on the wall… hmm where have I seen that before?).

The science squad, comprised of Wilkes, Stark, and Samberly, join forces to figure out how to best open the rift and shut it without harming anyone. They manage to successfully open the rift and, as Wilkes predicted, Frost and her Zero Matter self is drawn to it immediately. What he didn’t predict is that there would be a serious issue with the device meant to close said rift. While Stark does manage to shoot Frost with the Gamma Cannon, pushing the Zero Matter out of her and into the rift, the off switch to said rift doesn’t work and the manual override is located in the danger zone. AKA the area where one might potentially get sucked into the rift.

AC 210

Ever selfless Sousa takes one for the team and moves to manually stop the rift, despite Peggy’s protests, and of course begins to get sucked into it. Fortunately, due to some quick thinking by Jarvis: the Gamma canon + a pseudo Molotov cocktail in the form of a lit rag in the car’s exhaust pipe= the perfect bomb to destroy a rift between two universes.


The final few moments end with Peggy all set to return to New York before receiving some sage wisdom from Jarvis. “Perhaps all you need is one compelling reason to stay.”

That compelling reason? Sousa of course!

After avoiding and professing their feelings left and right, Peggy and Sousa finally share a passionate kiss in the SSR headquarters… making it seem more than likely that Agent Carter might just stay in the West Coast after all.

Such a nice note to end on.


This is a Marvel show so of course it didn’t actually end with sunshine and rainbows. No, Agent Carter’s second season actually ended with a mysterious man murdering Thompson and taking that even more mysterious war file on Peggy.

Dun, dun, dun!

With the prospect of a renewal always up in the air, it’s important for shows like Agent Carter to strike a satisfactory balance between bringing the season’s arc to a close and leaving enough room to continue forward should it get the green light to do so. Happily, Agent Carter was successful on both fronts. “Hollywood Ending,” was the idyllic culmination of this 10-episode miniseries. The heroes were victorious, the villain was both stopped and spared, and the relationships between the gang remained in tact and even grew when necessary.

Peggy Carter has always been the definition of a female role model, making sacrifices where they count and always persevering in the hopes of doing good. This season, though slow in some parts, gave us another 7ish hours of Agent Carter proving that she is every bit as capable, if not more so, as her male counterparts.

Episode Grade: B+

Episode Highs:

  • Peggy escaping her pursuers by hopping out of the window was a fun callback to the same move in Season 1.
  • Peggy telling Thomson to collect the dinner orders was complete and utter perfection.
  • Ana/Peggy friendship
  • The utter betrayal on Jarvis’ face when Peggy told him she called for a taxi was priceless.

Episode Lows:

  • Minus that brief, and not all that alarming, scare with Sousa and the rift, the entire Frost/Zero Matter/rift situation was tied up really Considering 9 episodes led up to this, I would’ve thought it would have been a bit more difficult for the heroes to accomplish their goal.

Additional Thoughts:

  • Was it really necessary to hold Jarvis at gunpoint as a joke right after his wife almost died from being shot?
  • WTF happened to Dottie? Seriously? What happened with that whole thing? She just bounced?
  • Honestly, what was the point of Violet? A few minutes of angst? Poor girl deserved better.
  • What do you think the chances are for Agent Carter Season 3?

What did you think of the final episode of Agent Carter’s sophomore run? Are you hoping to see Peggy and the gang come back for a third season? Sound off on Twitter or in the comments below!

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