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REVIEW: Daredevil 2×06 “Regrets Only”

Welcome friends to yet another Daredevil review! This time we will be dealing with the sixth episode of this season called “Regrets Only,” which was directed by Andy Goddard. Goddard has had a good career in television thus far, spanning nearly two decades, and “Regrets Only” has some particularly excellent scenes in it. Oh and guess who’s back? That’s right: Frankie! Alright then, let’s check out this episode and see if it ticks all the right boxes, eh? Spoilers abound!

What an opening scene in this episode. It’s got style, cool motorcycles, great music, and it’s just really fun to watch. It was refreshing to see such a fun little opener in this season of Daredevil, what with all the violence and darkness all over the place. I like that they’ve struck a balance here, if only for a few moments.

“Regrets Only” centers around Murdock, Foggy, and Karen trying to represent Frank Castle in place of his appointed public defender, while a side-plot involves Murdock being led all over town by Elektra as she infiltrates the Yakuza.

Wasting no time with some team-up combat, we get a nice scene with Daredevil and Elektra right off the bat. It’s a little on the short side, and I really hope we get a lot more of this kind of stuff before this season is over. I’m really hoping for some more Punisher/Daredevil action too, but Frank Castle has been out of commission for a while. This brings us the some of the finer points of “Regrets Only.”

District Attorney Samantha Reyes seems to really have it out for Frank Castle, and is trying to have him extradited to Delaware for the murders of a couple Dogs of Hell members (remember them, tee hee?) so that he will face the death penalty. Nasty business. Because of this, Murdock and co. decide that they want to convince Castle to allow them to represent him since his appointed public defender seems more than willing to lay down for Reyes and let Castle die. This of course goes swimmingly and Castle agrees, but only wants to speak to Karen since he knows she recently broke into his house and looked at all his stuff (unethical, but it works).

The scenes involving Karen and Castle in the hospital are some of the best of this season so far. Bernthal really pulls out all the stops as he portrays Castle reminiscing about his family, and brings a lot of emotional weight to the character. There are a lot great little moments during these scenes, and they manage to be incredibly touching at times. Yeah that’s right; Punisher and “touching,” go figure.


We get to see a bit more of Samantha Reyes being characteristically shady. I don’t trust her; not one bit. During their meeting with Castle at the hospital, Murdock and Foggy are intercepted by Reyes who threatens them directly. Makes me wonder what her true motivations are, and it’s becoming clear that she knows a lot more than she’s letting on at this point. Nevertheless, Murdock displays some legal judo and completely houses Reyes with a barrage of verbal punches to the gut. Pow! Right in the kisser! Ehem…gut.

Eventually Foggy delivers the good news that due to lack of evidence, Reyes cannot extradite Castle to Delaware and that he is therefore spared the possibility of the death penalty in his case. The catch is that Castle will have to be placed in prison in general population with a bunch of criminals who probably want him dead anyway, and that he will have to plead guilty before a Judge. Sounds easy right? Wrong, because no one (or everyone) could have predicted that when the Judge actually arrives at the hospital, Castle decides to turn the entire deal on its head by pleading not guilty! Whoops! Not only that, but he then goes and threatens Reyes. Hmm, something is afoot here guys.

The side-plot involving the Yakuza and Elektra is far less interesting than anything else happening in “Regrets Only,” and seems to be an excuse to give her something to do. This is a little disappointing to me because I felt her character arc was getting off to a good start in the previous episode. Now I could be wrong and maybe this is a set up to something big, but I just don’t find Daredevil and Elektra battling the Yakuza to be particularly exciting at this point, considering all the other things going on this season. Just my opinion, and only time will tell what is unfolding; better get those binge-watching glasses on!

Final Grade: A

+ Bernthal tears it up in all his scenes.

+ Excellent opening scene.

+ The growing Reyes conspiracy has my interest piqued.

– Team-up battle was way too short for my liking considering some of the longer fights we’ve seen this season so far.

– Elektra/Murdock side-plot didn’t hold my interest very well.

– For a mid-season episode, “Regrets Only” was a bit slow in my opinion.

Extra Thoughts: Things seem to be reaching a boiling point between Samantha Reyes and Nelson and Murdock, which can only mean bad things for our heroes. The scenes involving Karen and Frank Castle were some of the highlights of this entire season so far.

What did you think of “Regrets Only?” Was it a stronger offering than the previous episode? Let us know in the comments section and on our Twitter page!

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