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REVIEW: Daredevil 2×09 “Seven Minutes in Heaven”

Wilson Fisk is a beautiful, beautiful sociopath and Daredevil will never let us forget this fact as evidenced by “Seven Minutes in Heaven”. Yes, Frank finally met a man who he apparently has only utter distain for and yet is willing to do anything for him as long as it meets his primary goal of vengeance.  At the same time you have Matt who really is struggling with being Daredevil and what that means to those around him, as his battle with The Hand and rocky relationship with Foggy are not exactly leading him where he wants to go. That is the beautiful thing about Daredevil though, nothing is simple or squeaky clean for any of our so called heroes. There are complications and challenges to each of the characters are facing on their journeys and unlike Arrow, The Flash, or even Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D these problems aren’t easily solved. Everyone lives in the moral grey area and no one is going to come out the other side the way they were before.

So let’s start with The Kingpin himself, Wilson Fisk who managed to do more character growth and development in the span of one episode than Matt has so far this season. I really loved the first few minutes of the episode which caught us back up on what exactly has been happening to Fisk in the time since the season one finale. It was super fascinating to see that sad little Wilson has decided to fully embrace the Kingpin moniker and begin rebuilding up his criminal empire from the inside. What made this moment standout to me was how Fisk was able to manipulate the right people with very limited resources and make the right people bend knee to him. It helped to simply reset that Fisk’s greatest strength is not is money or raw brute strength, but rather the way in which he thinks moves ahead of his opponent. That is the type of gamesmanship that Fisk was lacking in some manners last season, but is now on full display.

There is no better display of this gamesmanship than the way in which Fisk manipulates Frank into doing his dirty work. Fisk for all intents and purposes lawyer’s Frank by presenting a stream of seemingly undeniable facts that link Fisk’s enemy with the shootout that took Frank’s family. Fisk never has to do much as Frank is basically a loaded gun already and all he needs to do is point and pull the trigger, and that leads to the beauty of the “Seven Minutes in Heaven”. Seven minutes is all Fisk needs to rid himself of multiple enemies including Frank however he faced to account for just how determined Frank is to survive. By attempting to have Frank killed, which was one of the most disgusting and beautiful things to watch, Fisk has created an even greater threat to himself than Dutton would ever present. Frank may a deranged murderer, but now he is a deranged murderer who wants Fisk in the ground, and that is super bad for Fisk moving forward.

While all this is happening we still have Matt looking for leads and attempting to put an end to The Hand as we know it. Unfortunately for the show this material is largely hit or miss because of The Hand’s goal and how impersonal it feels as opposed to Fisk desiring to rebuild Hell’s Kitchen through any means necessary. Sure it is fun watching Matt fight a ton of ninjas and seeing Nobu return despite being burned alive last season was a nice touch, but there really needs to be more to this entire arc if The Hand are truly meant to be the big bad. Especially after the performance that Jon Bernthal has been putting in as The Punisher which I am glad they kept the large part of his antagonist arc short and sweet, but I want more. The Hand are suffering from the same issues HIVE and The League of Assassins have been on Arrow. They are only as imposing as the person leading them, and Nobu just doesn’t have the same bite as Frank or Fisk at this point so I am not really dreading the big showdown.

On the other side of things we have the Karen and Foggy subplots which are much more interesting than what is happening to Matt at the moment. I am in love with Karen’s arc this year as it is clearly building off what happened between her and Wesley, showing that she is just as capable at stopping the bigger conspiracy as Daredevil is. It was a beautiful moment seeing her enter Ben’s office and take over where he left off in investigating the things no one else wants to. Killing off Ben was one of the more disappointing moments of season one, but Karen is doing a great job of reintroducing that investigative element back into the show, which is something it desperately needs in order to flesh out the world around Matt. On the Foggy plot I am super happy that Foggy anger and fear about Matt’s double life is not simply going away. Foggy knows that Matt can’t be both Daredevil and Matt Murdock, or at least not right now. He needs to choose or find a real way to balance his two lives because as of right now Foggy and Matt’s firm isn’t a partnership like Foggy desperately wants it to be. It is a thinly veiled cover for Matt’s nighttime activities and that will just ruin everyone around Matt’s lives if this issue is not fixed.

Overall it was an extremely strong episode, but the show needs to figure out what exactly they want from The Hand.

Final Grade A-

+Everything involving Fisk

+Frank and Fisk’s multiple deals

+Frank’s “Seven Minutes in Heaven”

+Karen and Foggy’s plots are super strong

-The Hand are a very weak villain when compared to Fisk

-Matt being absent for a lot of the big action

Extra Thoughts

-I love that Frank literally has no time for Fisk’s bullshit speeches. I think this makes Fisk respect  him more on some level.

-The fact that Ben and the editor know of Karen’s past and don’t give a shit about it because they believe in her was a very beautiful moment. The show is seriously missing something with not having Ben around.

-The shot of Fisk sitting over Dutton dying while he is having dinner tells us more about him as a character than most shows do with any big bad. 

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