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REVIEW: Daredevil 2×13 “A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen”

First things first. I would like to point out that I was completely wrong about the Elektra side-plot simply being “an excuse to give her something to do,” and I’m paraphrasing myself here which is all kinds of nuts, but as it turns out that little “side-plot” played a much larger role in this season’s finale than I predicted. The finale, entitled “A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen,” did a decent job of closing most of this season of Daredevil‘s threads, but there were certain things about it that left me wanting more. And I don’t mean in a Walking Dead season finale sort of way either. Now then, let’s arm ourselves with our trusty “Spoiler Detector™” and get started!

“A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen” was directed by Peter Hoar and deals with The Hand invading New York City and trying to get ahold of Elektra so that they can unleash Black Sky. Hmm…”Black Sky.” You just know that anything with that kind of name can’t be good for anyone. Other plot points include Foggy being hired by none other than Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Ann Moss) in a nice little crossover with Jessica Jones, and Wilson Fisk making some power plays from the good ol’ grey bar hotel.

Let’s talk about the good first, shall we? Elektra’s entire character arc comes together nicely in “A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen,” culminating in a battle between herself and Daredevil, and the quasi-immortal Nobu Yoshioka. All the Black Sky business comes to a screeching halt when Elektra sacrifices herself to save Daredevil and is seemingly killed. Of course this sends Daredevil into a rage just as his pal Frank Castle shows up to lay down some cover fire. With his brand new signature baton weapon (about time), Daredevil is able to knock Nobu off of the rooftop and send him crashing to the ground below. But wait! Nobu tries to do the I’m-not-dead-yet-here-is-my-true-form cliche big bad move, but is swiftly dispatched by Stick. Not sure why, but I actually chuckled a bit at that scene.

With Nobu defeated, The Hand resort to what can only be described as “Plan B.” They dig up Elektra’s grave and appear to be preparing to give her corpse the whole Nobu spa treatment, which leaves the undead feeling refreshed and revitalized, if somewhat scarred from those pesky autopsies. It will be interesting to see where the show goes with this considering Elektra’s resurrection was something that got a fair amount of attention in the comics, where it was handled somewhat differently.


Something else I liked from this episode was the fact that Murdock finally told Karen that he’s…wait for it…Daredevil! I was somewhat impressed that the show didn’t go full on romance with the whole Murdock and Karen dating scenario we got in earlier episodes, but this might lead to some interesting developments. We already know that Karen blames Daredevil for the emergence of the Punisher, but she has since warmed up to Castle so will she have a change of heart? We’re just going to have to wait (ugh) and see.

Lastly, I like how Wilson Fisk was handled towards the end of this season. Through Foggy we catch wind that Fisk is doing a little digging of his own with regards to Daredevil, and considering the outcome of Fisk and Murdock’s previous meeting in prison, it seems as though Fisk may be aware of Murdock’s dual nature. I really enjoyed how despite Nobu being defeated, both Fisk and The Hand remain as looming threats in Murdock’s life, which should make for an interesting season three (or perhaps even that Defenders mini-series).

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the bad. Well, I shouldn’t say “bad” per se, but there was something about this finale that I thought was somewhat lackluster considering how great the rest of the season was. Care to guess what is was? Okay, I’ll just tell you: the end of Frank Castle’s story arc. In this season’s break out performance, John Bernthal simply nailed the Punisher in all of his scenes; especially when interacting with Karen. Sure, we get Castle destroying his family’s house which signifies his rebirth as the Punisher, and we get to see him donning his signature skull shirt, but…that’s it. He just seemed to swoop down when Murdock needed him the most and then ran off. I would have liked to see more from the Punisher’s arc in the season finale; perhaps a new quest for vengeance on the horizon? Something; anything. Just not nothing, which is what we got here.

Final Grade: C+ (:: grabs flameshield::)

+ Great to see Elektra and Punisher in their regalia.

+ Daredevil and Jessica Jones crossover action!

+ Nobu finally destroyed. Good riddance!

– Nelson and Murdock no more? C’mon guys.

– Punisher story arc left half-hanging.

– Another season is over way too fast.

Extra Thoughts: “A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen” was a decent episode that brought up a lot of questions, but there were almost too many things left unsaid at the end of this one. I really think this season could have benefited from an extra episode or some trimming in certain areas if thirteen episodes is all we can ever get. Bring on season three!

What did you think of the season finale of Daredevil? Did it leave you feeling satisfied or was there something missing? Let us know in the comments section or on our Twitter page!

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