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REVIEW: Daredevil 2×01 “Bang”

It’s finally here! Season two of the Netflix original series Daredevil! After a stellar first season with a stand out performance by Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin, we are once again whisked away into the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City. With Fisk in jail this second season will have to focus on a different antagonist (or perhaps not), and it seems we will be seeing a bit of a rivalry between Daredevil and none other than the Punisher (John Bernthal). Boy am I excited about seeing him! So without further ado let’s take a look at the premiere episode of Daredevil season two, “Bang!” Watch out for those spoilers!

“Bang” is directed by Phil Abraham, who is my personal favorite on this series (although each director has done a fine job), especially after seeing the season one episode “Cut Man” and that glorious hallway fight scene. “Bang” is no different and has a couple nice action scenes featuring Daredevil kicking some lawbreaker ass, as well as squaring off with the Punisher for the first time.

This first episode is centered around Daredevil trying to find the Punisher after a brutal gangland slaying (READ: massacre). With Wilson Fisk in jail, the gangs of Hell’s Kitchen are preparing to move into some lucrative and criminal business practices, until of course an unknown assailant unloads…hmm…one hundred rounds (?) into their little meeting. Whoops! Guess that plan won’t pan out after all guys! The last man standing, Grotto (in a different role from his comic counterpart), reaches out to Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) and Matt Mudock’s (Charlie Cox) law practice, cleverly named Nelson and Murdock!

At this point both Foggy and Murdock, along with the police, are convinced that the massacre was committed by a “squad of trained killers.” Nope sorry guys, it’s just good ol’ Punisher and his arsenal. Eventually Murdock goes around interrogating some criminals and learns that this “squad” is indeed really just one very dangerous man, and then decides that this dangerous man must be stopped. Good luck with that, Matt!

Someone's day is about to get a lot worse.

Someone’s day is about to get a lot worse.

Of course since the Punisher is known for being a very thorough kinda guy, he tracks down Grotto at a hospital where he has been recovering and just opens fire on everything like a boss! Seriously this was my favorite scene from this episode and I was so satisfied to see the Punisher unleash carnage and mayhem all over the place. So satisfied. This all culminates with a rooftop battle between Murdock and the Punisher, which doesn’t go so well for Murdock.

Now what we’ve got here is a nice little game of cat and mouse opening up in this second season. It will be interesting to see whether Fisk will escape from prison, or if another villain will emerge. While Daredevil may never accept the Punisher’s methods, it would be interesting to see them team up against a common foe. Yet, I am enjoying what we’ve gotten in this first episode: the chase. Seeing Murdock track down the Punisher was a highlight of this episode for me, and I’m just dying to see more of the Punisher and his…justice. Bring on the punishment! Yeah, I just said that. Sue me. No seriously I’m broke, you’ll get nothing but a nice waste of time.

From what we’ve seen so far of the Punisher (not too much), I can say that I think Bernthal is going to be great. I am very pleased to see him back in action after his stint on The Walking Dead as Shane, and always thought his performance was one of the best parts of the second season of that show. I have a feeling that he will be this season’s stand out performance, but only time will tell for sure so let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Final Grade: B+

+ Some funny moments from Foggy.


+ The massacre.

– Not enough Punisher.

– Unskippable recap?

– Needed more Frank Castle. Always more (double wish).

Extra Thoughts: “Bang” was an excellent opener to the second season of Daredevil, and I cannot wait to dive head first right into the next episode. You might have noticed I listed the recap as a negative aspect of this episode. Did anyone else have a problem skipping that, or was it just me? They give the choice to watch it in the episode list, why force it upon us? Oh well, just a minor nitpick in an overall great viewing experience. Stay tuned for more Daredevil reviews!

What did you think of “Bang?” Was it a good season premiere or did it fall short? Let us know in the comments section or on our Twitter page!

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