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REVIEW: Legends of Tomorrow 1×07 “Marooned”

Well, that was unexpected to say the least, especially for a bottle episode to really live up to the expectations that we have come to have week in and week out. “Marooned” for all intents and purposes is a bottle episode meant to make up for all of the explosions and guest stars we have had in the past few weeks. Make no mistake, there is still the more poignant and character driven experience we have come to expect from the show. Watching Rip’s backstory, Sara and Snart bonding, and the fallout of what happened last week with Snart and Mick. Sure it was not as explosive or nearly as expansive as the past few weeks, but it did its best to make use of all the tools it had to offer. Now, with that ending I am kind of left wondering where the crew is going to head next, because there is sure to be some fallout from all that occurred.

So let’s start with a big part of the episode, actually getting to see Rip’s backstory which I was honestly shocked we got to see that much. I knew we were in for a heavy episode after we see Rip watching the hologram recording of his dead family, and you can clearly see that weighing on his every decision this week. Watching a more rigid Rip makes you appreciate our damaged leader more as a person as his family and by extension the team have managed to make him an entirely different type of person. The question now becomes who exactly is this Rip and can the team trust him? Watching Arthur Darvill tear into Mick about why he is actually there and having Rip stand up to Captain Baxter about the decisions he has made in abandoning the Time Masters were truly stand out moments thus far. Hopefully, we will continue to see this side of Rip moving forward, and the team will have to control this more broken leader.

At the other end of the show we have Snart continuing to show why he is one of the best characters in the entire universe. Watching his chat with Sara about death and talking about a new aspect of his past was really fun to watch. I really am enjoying the way in which they are fleshing out Snart as a character, as he seems to not have always been destined to be the thief and villain he has constantly been in the comics. Watching him talk about how he and Mick first met is probably the best example we have gotten of this since Snart had the conversation with his childhood self. You can see the parallels to all of the great duos: Ollie and Diggle, Joe and Barry, but unlike those pairs it appears that Mick and Snart’s relationship is way more fragile than we have been led to believe. It will be fascinating to see moving forward who will stand up and protect Snart as he no longer has his safety net in Mick.

Speaking of Mick everything was apparently building towards this. Mick has always been self-serving and looking out for The Rogues first. However, to see him break from the team entirely and basically hang the team out to dry in the name of the Rogues was really hard to watch. Mick  since he first appeared on the show has always wanted to get his Snart back and now it seems that without hie best friend there is no future for everyone’s favorite arsonist. It was especially brutal watching him realize that the only reason he was there is because Rip so desperately wanted Snart on the team. In the scheme of “none of the legends really matter” for Mick to hear he is the absolute lowest on the totem pole must have been a massive blow to his ego. To see him give Snart a last chance to be the man he admires and considers his best friend only to have it be thrown back in his face was the final straw.

That is why the last scene is so great as there was only one logical outcome for both Mick and Snart after Snart began to change. Both Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller killed the last scene in spades as Snart was forced to make the choice to abandon his friend and possibly kill him. Snart from his interactions with the team and Barry to some extent have made him realize that he can be something better than the legacy of a broken family. Mick on the other hand doesn’t want to change anything about who he is, and being so volatile means he is a threat to everyone and everything the crew touches. Those final moment of Mick telling Snart that only one of them can actually make it out alive were truly some of the most heart wrenching material the show has had to date and I can’t wait to see whether or not Snart did indeed have the balls to kill his best friend.

Overall, for a bottle episode it was a satisfying arc, but dealing with this fallout is going to be really hard to watch.

Final Grade C+

+Excellent material for Snart, Mick, and Rip

+Fun flashbacks

+The final scene

-Ray plot really fizzled out

-Firestorm not fusing when it would literally solve all the problems

-Kendra was useless once again

-Time pirates were really not important

Extra Thoughts

-I am glad the entire team realized dropping Heat Wave back in 2016 was not going to solve the problem. That would have been super stupid.

-So all of Rip’s emergency codes are Green Lantern references. I can dig it.

-So how long till Mick is teamed up with Vandal for revenge, unless he really is truly dead.

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