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REVIEW: The Flash 2×16 “Trajectory”

Man, is it good to have The Flash back. Its like putting on a nice warm joke filled blanket that makes you feel safe, and hell “Trajectory” was not an awful way to come back for the most part. We had a fun villain, some strong development of our characters, the reveal of Zoom to the team. Sure there were some bumps and bruises but overall I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this episode. Now the question becomes where do we go from here as this is fairly early for the team to have figured out that Jay is indeed the big bad. I mean I believe we had a whole other two episodes last season before Barry knew something was up with Eobard. At the same time the plot involving Iris really wasn’t the best use of time, and the same goes for Jessie who is seemingly one and done for us right now.

So let’s start with the good which surprisingly in this case was Trajectory. Trajectory as a character in the comics is really a mixed bag and you either love her or really hate her with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. Luckily for us, this Trajectory was pretty awesome with the whole multiple personalities schtick and being the factor that lead to the reveal. There was some fun stuff around her and watching Eliza be pushed by her other personality was very fun to watch and gave us a slight window into what may indeed be happening with Jay/Zoom. The only major downside to her appearance was that she was killed off so quickly in favor of progressing the plot. Usually I don’t have a problem with this, but trajectory was more than compelling enough to warrant multiple episodes. Good thing she left her costume lying around for whenever, Jessie or Wally decided to gain speed powers.

Similarly I liked the fact that we simply didn’t drag on the team not knowing that Jay is Zoom. Too many shows would have dragged that out, just like The Flash did with Eobard last season, but now everyone is on the same page and super pissed they were betrayed again. I mean Barry was right in the beginning, they should have never trusted Jay to start with and now the entire team realizes they didn’t learn from their mistakes last season and are crushed about the results. I am kind of hoping this all leads to Barry developing more into the Flash that Eobard despises so much. I mean I love our happy go lucky hero, but at the same time the team needs to stop trusting people all willy nilly because it keeps biting them in the ass. Hopefully the next run in with Zoom is super gratifying as Jay will be forced to real who in the actual hell he is. I mean is he Jay, a clone, Hunter, a split personality like trajectory. The possibilities are endless my friends.

Despite having some really great Team Flash material this week the females outside of Caitlin managed to really fail on the Bechtel Test this week, and boy did they fail hard. For one I really don’t care about the relationship involving Iris’ new editor and Iris because boy is he super uninteresting. I kind of hope he goes the same way as her last two editors and ends up with a gaping hole in his chest since all he does is be anti-Flash and not really add any depth to Iris’ development as a reporter. I mean there are plenty of ways to actually make Iris a stronger character and it does not seem like the writers want to include her more in Team Flash’s escapades. I mean Iris is a member of the team, let her be involved with everyone and not off in her own shitty little side story.

The other part of the episode which was a little bit touch and go was the Jessie and Wells relationship. Jessie has been a nice breath of fresh air but this week she veered into a dangerous territory of whining about just how far her father had to go to save her. Granted, Wells killed The Turtle and basically sabotaged the team in every way imaginable for a while, but he still had a damn good reason overall. I liked that Wells stood up for what he did and just how important Jessie is to him, and though I understand why Jessie is disgusted at what her father did I am not happy with how she treated him. Wells may be an apathetic dick to the rest of the team, but he has a reason for the way he behaves at least. Jessie is just now seeing the lengths her father will go to, but distancing herself does not seem as if it will make anything better at all. We will see how this all plays out though, hopefully Jessie gets powers and becomes cool again.

Overall it was a satisfying returns, but eventually this show needs to solve the Bechtel Test.

Final Grade B

+Trajectory was a super fun villain

+The team found out who Zoom is

+Wells and Jessie blowout

-Trajectory dying

-Iris’ plot, all of it.

Extra Thoughts

-So Wally shows up for the most awkward couple of minutes of the episode and proceeds to hit on Jessie. Give Wally an actual plot guys.

-Also Wells’ metahuman detector kept going off on Jessie. I am assuming she is indeed already a meta.

-Two best Cisco moments of the night him dancing and when they revealed the drones with the net. That dancing gif is going to be heavily overused like nothing else.

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