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REVIEW: The Walking Dead 6×12 “Not Tomorrow Yet”


The Walking Dead has really been kicking it up with the action these past few weeks. Where has this show been? It’s like they finally got tired of people whining about the lack of action and decided, “You know what, they want guns and zombies? They’re getting guns and zombies!” This episode, “Not Tomorrow Yet,” was almost like a full-on action movie. Granted, it wasn’t as thrilling as the midseason premiere, but it was still pretty damn good. (spoilers ahead!)

We left off last week with the gang getting ready to stage an assault mission on Negan’s compound. I figured this episode would start off right away with the organization of the mission, but first, we had to go through several minutes of what I consider to be unnecessary filler. Carol seems to have taken a liking to another citizen from Alexandria (I can’t remember the guy’s name, but I figured he’s just another red shirt). Go Carol. She deserves to be happy, especially after what she went through with her last husband. I was worried about how The Walking Dead would handle relationships, but it looks like the show knows what it’s doing. I mean, we haven’t had any tedious drama between Rick and Michonne. It’s such a casual TV relationship, and I love it! We don’t need to waste time having people argue about who likes who in the zombie apocalypse. There are more pressing matters at stake.

Rick’s group holds a meeting with the Alexandrians regarding the upcoming assault. During this meeting, Morgan actually has the gall to stand up and say that violence isn’t the answer. I swear to God, he needs to go. If he’s not going to get killed off, then at least let someone kick his ass out of Alexandria. He’s doing nothing but jeopardizing the group. I was so excited when he first came back to the show last season because I thought he’d make for an excellent addition to the cast. Instead, I’m getting pissed every time I hear his voice. I personally hope he gets the axe by the end of the season as a bit of a “told you so”.

The second half-hour is when the episode picks up on the action. The team ventures to the Saviors’ compound and picks up a few walker heads along the way. They shave and style the heads to look like Hilltop’s Gregory in an effort to fool the Saviors, who had demanded Gregory’s head. I loved the one part where Rick punches the walker’s face a few times to break its nose in an effort to make it look more like Gregory. Again, we have that moment where Rick absolutely does not care. To him, this is nothing new. If you told him a few years ago “Hey, we need you to break this severed head’s nose since we’re going to use it as a decoy to infiltrate a compound full of psychopaths”, he would’ve been like a deer in headlights. Now, it’s just business as usual.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 7.09.57 PM

Rick and co. slowly dispatch the Saviors one by one as they make their way through the compound. Unfortunately, one of the Saviors triggers the fire alarm, alerting everyone to the intruders. Thanks to plot armor, nobody from Rick’s group is injured during the assault, and they manage to take out virtually the entire building. There’s another great moment where Father Gabriel approaches a dying Savior with his gun drawn. You know what he does? He quotes religious text at him before pulling the trigger. I always loved Father Gabriel, and I’m glad he’s turned into such a bad-ass. The fact that he’s going religious on people before killing them is what makes his character so much better.

With the Saviors finally dead, Rick’s group congregates outside and wonders which one was Negan. This is what worries me. We as the audience know that Negan is still alive, hiding somewhere. What if he was at Hilltop? Or worse, Alexandria? I expressed my concern last week about how it was dumb for Rick to take the best fighters with him on the mission. Who was left to defend Alexandria? Morgan? Yeah, right. He’d probably try to reason with Negan before getting his head bashed in. If only…

The episode’s cliffhanger was the best. We find out that Carol and Maggie, who remained behind during the mission to keep watch, have been taken prisoner. Next week’s episode will revolve around Rick and co. trying to get them back, but I’m a little worried that one of the women might be executed. It’s very unlikely, but I still have that sense of anxiety. Maggie and Carol can’t die. Maggie’s got the kid coming, and Carol’s just a bad-ass. I think Maggie might use her pregnancy as leverage to gain mercy from her captors, but it seems unlikely. We’ll just have to wait until next week to find out.

Final Grade: B +

+ The entire second half of the episode was nonstop action.

+ I’m calling it now – Father Gabriel MUST make a religious statement before he does something bad-ass.

+ Another fantastic cliffhanger ending.


– The actual “getting to the compound” portion of the episode took a bit too long.

– I thought Jesus was going to do something bad-ass when he put on his handkerchief, but all he did was kill one guy; bit of a disappointment if you ask me.

Extra Thoughts:

– I wonder where Negan was during that assault on his compound.

What were your thoughts on “Not Tomorrow Yet”? Are you anxiously awaiting Negan’s arrival? Tell us what you think in the comments or on  Twitter!

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