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REVIEW: The Walking Dead 6×14 “Twice as Far”

*insert “Boy, that escalated quickly” meme here*

That episode of The Walking Dead really did escalate quickly. Like, it got really out of hand. I’m a bit surprised that people hated it so much. From some of the other reviews I’ve seen online so far, it seems like people did not like “Twice as Far”. I didn’t think it was spectacular, especially compared to the great episodes we’ve had over the past few weeks, but it wasn’t bad either. (spoilers ahead!)

The episode focuses on two separate groups. First, we have Eugene and Abraham on a scouting mission. The duo seems to have gotten back on friendly terms despite Abraham beating the crap out of Eugene last season, but there’s obviously still a bit of tension. At least Eugene isn’t a coward anymore. He’s actually becoming more of a bad-ass, desperate to prove that he can survive without assistance.

In this episode, Eugene leads Abraham to an abandoned factory where he tells him that Alexandria can now start manufacturing bullets, which will be their bargaining chip with Hilltop and other neighboring communities. I’m glad that the show has found a use for Eugene. The fact that he’s the only person who seems to know how to make bullets almost guarantees he’ll be around for the long-haul. But at the same time, I’m worried The Walking Dead might kill him off at some point just to prove a point and to add conflict.

Eugene annoyed me this episode, if I’m being completely honest. There’s a moment where a walker stumbles into the factory, and Eugene tells Abraham that he can handle it. Unfortunately, the zombie’s head is covered in molten lead, making it difficult to kill. Eugene desperately attempts to defeat the walker, but he’s saved at the last minute by Abraham. And he actually has the nerve to get mad at him for it! For the love of God, swallow your pride, Eugene! You don’t have to constantly prove yourself. This isn’t a game. You almost got eaten alive, and you’re upset because someone saved you? Grow up.

Eugene dismisses Abraham, and the two go their separate ways back to Alexandria. Obviously, this is going to end badly for at least one of them.

Elsewhere, Denise tells Daryl and Rosita that she knows of an apothecary nearby where they can grab drugs and medicine. This little side-mission was obviously done to develop Denise’s character more, but it ultimately fell flat. They essentially recycled the Eugene character plot – Denise wants to prove that she’s more than just brains; she’s also tough enough to survive. We already know what will happen: Denise proves to be weak in the beginning, but then she does something heroic at the end. It’s very cut-and-paste.

On the way back from the apothecary, Denise sees a walker guarding a cooler inside a car. Daryl and Rosita tell her to move on and that it’s not worth it, but she just has to prove a point. Just like with Eugene, she’s nearly bitten by the walker, and she yells at Daryl and Rosita to stay back so she can handle it. I actually screamed at the television. Now is not the time to be stubborn, Denise! Just let them save you! Is it worth risking your life? Why put yourself in an unnecessarily dangerous position? I’m sure Daryl or Rick wouldn’t mind if someone saved them from getting eaten at the last minute.

Denise kills the walker and finds an Orange Crush for Tara in the cooler (don’t get me started on that level of  convenience). Daryl and Rosita rightfully berate her for risking her life, and while Denise is going on a self-righteous speech about bravery and whatnot, she gets an arrow through the eye.

I love these shocking moments on The Walking Dead. I love when the show pulls the rug out from under you and leaves you in shock. I haven’t felt this way since Glenn’s “death” a few months ago. At least this time, we know for a fact that Denise is a goner. I guess a lot of people were upset at the fact that one of the few LGBT characters was killed off, but come on – just because you’re LGBT doesn’t mean you’re invincible. But to be fair, I would’ve preferred if Rosita died in this manner instead since I felt like it would’ve had a bigger impact. It’s a good thing Daryl didn’t die since that would’ve been too trivial of a death for such a prominent character.

The arrow was shot by Dwight, the man who stole Daryl’s crossbow a while ago. Now sporting a half-burned face and leading a group of soldiers, Dwight tells Daryl and Rosita that they’re going to lead them to Alexandria so that they can raid the town. If they don’t comply, they’ll kill Eugene, who they captured along the way. Way to go, Eugene.

But Eugene manages to save the day. He distracts his captors long enough for Abraham to launch a sneak attack, and in the process, he straight-up bites Dwight in the crotch. Yeah, Eugene bites a man’s dick. I gotta hand it to Eugene for having the guts to do that.

Daryl, Rosita, Eugene, and Abraham escape with Denise’s body while Dwight and co. shamble back to wherever they came from. Eugene was shot, but it looks like he’ll pull through, and Abraham now seems to have a newfound respect for him. Hell, I would respect him as well after what he had just done to save the gang.

The end of the episode is what bothered me the most. Carol leaves a letter saying that she can’t do it anymore and that she’s leaving Alexandria. In the past two episodes, Carol has been turned into a complete wimp. This is the same woman who killed a child, fended off a group of Wolves, and single-handedly infiltrated Terminus to rescue her friends. Now all of a sudden she’s a whiny wimp? I guess you could say that the stress of everything has finally taken a toll on her psyche, but I hate that such a strong character has reverted back to her weak roots.

As for the future of the show, my prediction is that Carol gets taken hostage by Negan and that she’s killed by the finale.


Daryl is killed by Negan, which motivates Carol into becoming a bad-ass once again.

Either way, I think Carol’s leaving is an indication that the final two episodes of this season are going to be heart-breaking. At the very least, I hope these episodes are better than “Twice as Far”.

Final Grade: B –

+ That death scene though…

+ I like the direction the show is going with Eugene suggesting that Alexandria starts manufacturing bullets.

+ I’m glad Daryl got his crossbow back.

– Eugene and Denise both pissed me off.

– I hate what the show has done to Carol.

– The first half-hour felt slow.

Extra Thoughts:

– I have a feeling Tara will kill Dwight in the future.

What did you think of that shocking death in this episode of The Walking Dead? Are you looking forward to the upcoming finale? Tell us what you think in the comments or on Twitter!

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