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There Is Definitely Some Dare In That Devil

Nowadays someone will say to you “Marvel:, and you will think of the countless films that are a part of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), yet there is a new wave of Marvel loveliness that has come to your television screens and most likely laptops. These include, Agent Carter, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Jessica Jones, and the best one in my opinion, Daredevil.

Now, Netflix is a household name, and it has stepped its game up considerably when it joined with Marvel to create the Daredevil and Jessica Jones TV shows. For anyone who has ever watched one of Netflix’s original shows, they know that they don’t hold back, with anything. That is something that was needed with Marvel. All the films are well and good, but they don’t serve the needs of the fans that want the danger, risk, and violence that Daredevil gives them.

I recently finished the series, and well, I was thoroughly impressed. In all honesty I hadn’t really encountered Daredevil until I watched this, apart from the ill-fated Ben Affleck film in 2003, and to be fair, I liked that, but back then I didn’t know know better. Now I do, and I know that the TV series is a hell of a lot better. I was hooked from the beginning. I think I may have watched about 3 episodes in one go and that for me is weak game, but it was probably 3 in the morning so I knew I had to sleep. So the next night I watched some more, and the next night, and then I finished and was like, well what do I do now? So, you know I may have watched the first episode again and had the thought I should probably watch something else, even though I was still reeling from the finale.

Well what to talk about first? I think the thing that everyone talks about when they talk about Daredevil is the fight scenes… and they are fantastic! I love a good fight scene in a film and TV show and Daredevil did not let me down. I was expecting big things from Netflix and Marvel, and yep everything was there. Now, the one fight scene that stands out is the corrdior scene. Pure genius is what I say. It perfectly shows off the fighting style of Daredevil and the style of show that it is. It’s flawless.

The baddies always make the heroes look better and Wilson Fisk aka the Kingpin definitely does that for Daredevil. Vincent D’Onofrio is just a pure genius and should win awards for his performance, He does it so well you kinda want to sympathise with him, and when someone does that for a villain, then yes, they’re hitting the nail on the head.

The other characters in the series make it whole and help it have more dimensions as we see them and want to know more about them, especially when they are important to Matt Murdock. Claire is a good character too as she helps Matt even though she doesn’t know him, and pretty much falls in love with him, which I definitely agreed with.

Karen and Foggy provide the comedic release, sometimes, especially when they start to drink. Foggy I loved because not only is he Matt’s best friend, but because he just completely understands him and his, I wont say disability because it isn’t, but he just understands Matt and what he can do. That is, until he finds out what he does at night, then freaks out and goes crazy on Matt. But they make up in the end, so it’s fine.

Matt Murdock is a total badass. Charlie Cox is amazing… enough said. It is just so cool that Marvel wrote a comic book about a blind man who is a lawyer by day and Daredevil by night and it just works so well.

I am happy that Daredevil did so well because it has paved the way for Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist to become the Defenders, which should be epic. Judging from the rough foul-mouthed Jessica Jones, and the brooding, indestructible Luke Cage, they are perfect counterparts to Matt Murdock. I am very excited about the Defenders with all the different dynamics of the characters, and I cant wait to see how they interact with each other. However, we do have to wait at least 2 years for it as we are waiting for the Luke Cage series and the Iron Fist series and maybe a Jessica Jones Season 2.

I got into Marvel shows and their comics and all things like that over the past few years and it fascinates me when the comic book links with the TV show or film. Daredevil seems to do this rather convincingly and I think that is what it makes it so good.

So all I can say is that there is some Dare in that Devil.

Yep I had to. Not even sorry.

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