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6 Directions Doctor Who Could Go in Once Moffat Leaves

The internet was swept away in a storm when it was announced that Steven Moffat, showrunner of Doctor Who for the past six years, has decided to hang his cape and call it quits. This led to rejoicing by some fans while others decided to huddle in a fetal position. Regardless of your feelings about the situation, we can all agree that Steven Moffat has impacted the Whoniverse in so many ways, creating iconic villains such as The Weeping Angels and The Silence to memorable story arcs such as River Song. Even still, a new change of pace is strongly needed.

It’s an exciting time to be a Doctor Who fan despite the year long wait we will all have to endure. With someone like Chris Chibnall taking over, who has experience with the Whoniverse, anything can happen.

While there are certainly a lot more than six, here is a list of directions Doctor Who could possibly go now that we have a new showrunner.

6. The Doctor’s Daughter


She’s been missing since “The Doctor’s Daughter” and has yet to make any sort of return to the series. Many fans have been wondering if she would ever make return. But during Moffat’s run, it seemed more and more likely that this was not going to happen. This was probably due to the fact that he had already chosen River Song to be a character who travels in and out of the Doctor’s life.

Now that we’re finally getting a fresh start, it’s time to bring back plot points that were previously abandoned. Given we have River Song traveling at various points in the Doctor’s life, there’s no reason why we can’t have Jenny do the same. It would certainly be interesting to see more Time Lords enter the story now that Gallifrey has been found. And, since “The Husbands of River Song” seems to be the last we’ll see of River Song, it only makes sense to bring in a new character who can come and go.

5. Return of Torchwood


The Whoniverse is no stranger to Chris Chibnall with his prior work as head writer and co-producer of Torchwood. Although it has been a while since Torchwood was put on hiatus back in 2012, with supposed new radio dramas on the horizon in addition to Chibnall’s takeover, now is the time for Torchwood to return if it ever will.

One of the great things about Torchwood is that it helped expand the world of Doctor Who. It gave us a sense that there was more than just the Doctor and his TARDIS. And it did so in a dark way, providing entertainment that was more targeted for adults. So it was a real shame to see it eventually dissipate with no sense that it was ever going to return. Given that Torchwood: Miracle Day ended on a cliffhanger, seeing the continuation would certainly breathe new life into the Whoniverse.

And even if Torchwood doesn’t return, there is always the chance of cameos from the Torchwood cast.

4. Return of Jack Harkness


Captain Jack Harkness is by far one of the fan favorites when it comes to characters in Doctor Who. He had us all wrapped around his finger since his first appearance in “The Empty Child” and has continued to still remain at the top of everyone’s list despite his long lost absence from the show. When you take into account his appearance in Torchwood, there’s still a lot that can be explored with his character.

Fans had been hoping he would make an appearance sometime during Moffat’s run, in particular, “The Day of the Doctor”. When it was announced that he would not be appearing in the special, it left many fans disappointed. Now with Moffat gone and Chris Chibnall’s takeover, now is as good a time as any to return to our favorite Captain Jack. Who knows, perhaps we may see Jack Harkness as a temporary companion to the Doctor, which is something else fans have longed to see again.

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