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6 Extra Marvel Characters We Want to See in the Venom Film (But Probably Won’t)

Sony announced a recently that they were still going to go ahead and produce the Venom movie.  At the moment, we have no details on how they plan to make the movie without Spider-Man.  We don’t even know which version of Venom they are going to use for the film.  Venom will be a stand-alone feature from the Spider-Man franchise and start a new franchise of films. Going on no details and only the comic history of Venom, I compiled a list of characters from the Marvel Universe that should definitely have a cameo appearance, at least, in the upcoming movie.  A couple of the characters on the list is merely wishful thinking but the rest could be possible.

6. Black Cat


Felicia Hardy is a favorite of mine within the Spider-Man universe. Depending on how they decide to do the movie, she would be a strong female character to include, especially since she’s more a thief and less a superhero. She would fit within the anti-hero parameters of the Venom franchise. She can be an ally or a foe.

Black Cat is such an interesting character. In her origin, she was a victim, but she decided to overcome obstacles and followed in her father’s footsteps as a cat burglar. Interestingly enough, Black Cat was not an homage to DC’s Catwoman. Catwoman only became a romantic interest for Batman in the late 1980s. Black Cat loved Spider-Man but she was not interested in the Peter Parker side of him.

Black Cat is the type of character that can be written and portrayed in numerous ways. It will open up paths for the writers of the Venom movie to have a strong, female character that is not a love interest for Venom.

5. J. Jonah Jameson


JJJ is such a staple figure in all Spider-Man works as a detractor of the Web Warrior, it would safe to assume that JJJ would lambast Venom’s efforts in his media outlet. JJJ would represent the media and the fears of all the normal, average people. Bringing Jameson into the movie could also bring in his son, who had been a friend of Spider-Man. Jameson’s Daily Bugle building can be a landmark within the movie. Reporters and a certain photographer from the comics would appear on-screen or just in passing.

4. Flash Thompson


Flash Thompson became one of the versions of Venom. He was Peter Parker’s jock-bully-turned-friend. Flash, injured while he was on tour in Iraq, came back to NYC go through some serious PTSD and alcoholism, only to be recruited by SHIELD to become Agent Venom.

Flash had great character development over the years in the comics and even in the Amazing Spider-Man movie. Flash bullied specifically Peter Parker and other ‘nerds’ because Flash, himself, was not treated well by his own father. Once Flash got rid of his ‘big man on campus’ act, he turned out to be a true friend. When he joined the military, his sole purpose was to become a hero like Spider-Man. Flash truly tried to be a better person in everything he does and even when he struggled, he managed to get back up from being beat-down.

3. Scarlet Spider


Be it Ben Reilly or Kaine, both clones of Peter Parker, I adore Scarlet Spider and the place of Scarlet Spider on the list is totally biased. Since Spider-Man won’t be in the movie, Scarlet Spider would be a way to have a heroic Spider in the movie. They certainly can use the angst-ridden Kaine. They would not be able to mention that he was a clone of Spider-Man/Peter Parker. Scarlet Spider can be an adversary to Venom.

Scarlet Spider recently made an appearance on Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man and honestly, it is the only reason why I even watch that show now. Scarlet Spider’s past was dark. Both Ben and Kaine were experiments by Doc Ock or Norman Osbourne to combat Spider-Man. While the Peter Parker clones is a controversial topic for Spidey fans, Ben or Kaine can add humor to a probably serious movie.

2. Carnage


Carnage is chaos. Carnage was a result of experimentation to create another Venom. An epic battle between two of Spider-Man’s most dangerously violent enemies, Venom v. Carnage, would put legions of fans in the movie seats. The original Carnage was originally a darker version of Venom, but since Carnage’s host was a psychopathic serial killer with no remorse, Carnage became even too much for Spider-Man to handle on his own.

Carnage is the ultimate opponent. Spider-Man had to team up with Venom, Black Cat and others to defeat Carnage. Any time Carnage is involved, there is massive destruction and probably deaths attributed to Carnage. Carnage, however, would be a difficult character to portray for a PG-13 superhero/anti-hero movie.

1. Spider-Man


Since Venom is going to be a stand-alone movie, the chance that Spider-Man will appear in the movie is highly unlikely. However, even if it is not a big role or just a cameo appearance of Spider-Man or even just a mention of Peter Parker, photographer at the Daily Bugle, there should be some Easter eggs about the Wall Crawler in the Venom movie.

Venom cannot exist without Spider-Man. In all of Venom’s origins, Spider-Man is always the constant factor. The original origin had Spider-Man discover the “black Spider-Man suit” in “Secret Wars” in the 1980s. Even the Ultimate Spider-Man comic had Venom created from Spider-Man’s blood. Either way, Spider-Man is key. There is no way to know how they are going handle it. Perhaps Venom will be a prototype Spider-Man instead?

What do you think? Did I miss someone? Or do you think that a character shouldn’t be on the list? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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