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REVIEW: Fear The Walking Dead 2×03 “Ouroboros”

After two rather weak episodes in a row, I was really hoping that Fear the Walking Dead would return this week and knock my socks off. This week’s episode, “Ouroboros,” managed to be the best offering of this second season of the Walking Dead spin-off thus far, but that’s not saying much. It’s a problem when the title card of a show manages to be its most intense moment, and boy is it intense. Despite all the things that bother me about Fear the Walking Dead, the title card and intro are extremely cool and I just wish the show could follow suit. Unfortunately we’re reviewing the actual contents of the episode, so here we go.

First we get to meet another group of survivors who are also stranded at sea (surprised?), which was sort of a tease since I was looking forward to seeing anything new in this show. Oh well. “Ouroboros” centers around Travis and Victor trying to repair the Abigail while Nick, Chris, Alicia, and Daniel go on a supply run. I’m starting to feel like this show is striving to follow a cookie-cutter formula; there don’t really seem to be any new ideas outside of the whole “lost at sea” thing, which is an aspect of this show that can be somewhat limiting and that I believe will wear out its welcome in time (READ: quickly, perhaps). I’m not trying to beat up on this show since I really want it to get good, but it’s sure taking its time getting to that point.

With “Jack” and his alleged machine gun gaining on the crew of the Abigail, it’s up to Travis to perform emergency repairs on the boat’s intake system. Of course this requires that he don scuba gear and pull out whatever is obstructing the intake on the hull of the boat. Do you want to guess what the obstruction is? If you said “zombie,” you’re correct! This was one of those predictable moments that “Ouroboros” (and the show as a whole) suffers from. It couldn’t have been anything else? A dead fish? Some sea trash? Nope, had to be a zombie. You know, because this is the zombie apocalypse.

Meanwhile Daniel, Nick, Chris, and Alicia decide to investigate a wrecked plane on a nearby beach in hopes of finding supplies. So if you were wondering if this staple of the Walking Dead universe can still take place on the high seas, here’s your answer: yes. Supply runs can and will occur, as long as there are wrecked planes or boats to find. Daniel needs to find some more medicine for Ophelia, which gives Nick something to do since he is the group’s drug expert (har har). When Chris wanders off on his own we get an admittedly awesome scene where he enters part of the destroyed fuselage, and encounters a zombie who is still wearing his emergency oxygen mask, along with a survivor. This was a bit of a stretch, as I found myself wondering how long this guy was trapped there. Surely with his injuries he should have died, but then again I’m no doctor and it was a good opportunity for yet another scene involving euthanasia! Chris is forced to put this poor guy out of his misery by bashing his skull in, which to me eliminated any hope of there being emotional weight to the scene. Having said that, I still think this was the best scene in “Ouroboros.”


One thing about Fear the Walking Dead that I have been enjoying so far is the mystery involving Victor Strand. Thankfully we get to learn a little bit more about Victor’s plan in this episode, which includes a fortified compound in Mexico that has all kinds of supplies. Victor knows that if the rest of the group goes with him to this compound, said supplies will run out much quicker so it was his thinking that if he kept it a secret, perhaps the herd would thin itself out somehow (zombies? “Jack?”), but Daniel goes and tells Madison about Victor’s little secret which prompts her to confront Victor. Sorry Victor!

Finally we get some action when a large group of zombies attack the supply run party on the beach, and we even get to see Nick punch a zombie in the head! This scene delivered some tense moments, and there were times when I thought that one of the main characters would be killed. It turns out I was wrong and the show played it safe, but the scene was effectively done nonetheless. Of course everything works out perfectly and Travis finishes fixing the boat just in time for the supply run party to escape the beach and rendezvous with the rest of the crew of the Abigail, and wouldn’t you know it? A couple of the survivors from the beginning of the episode tag along in hopes of joining Travis and the rest of the group. This is short lived however, and after the group agree to tow the survivors behind the Abigail, Victor takes it upon himself to cut them loose. See you never again, guys! Okay then, let’s give this episode a good ol’ letter grade!

Final Grade: C

+ Victor manages to be the most interesting aspect of this show.

+ Chris putting the lone plane crash survivor out of his misery was a particularly good scene.

+ Action! What a novel concept.

– Some real logic acrobatics, especially with the aforementioned plane crash survivor. How was he alive?

– Cliche moments such as zombie intake-obstruction, Nick discovering the “zombie guts trick,” and a supply run.

– The argument between Madison and Travis regarding Victor’s compound was slightly infuriating. Only slightly.

Extra Thoughts:

– “Ouroboros” was another average to below-average episode for this second season of Fear the Walking Dead, but I will once again say that I have faith in this show. “Jack” needs to show up, and fast. Then let’s get everyone off this boat and onto some dry land for some classic Walking Dead style mayhem.

What did you think of this most recent installment of Fear the Walking Dead? Was it an improvement over the past two episodes, or equally as weak? Let us know what you think in the comments section and on our Twitter page!

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